Fashion Winter Renner

Lojas Renner-Autumn/Winter Collection 2013

The winter of 2013 has just started officially, but the cold weather has arrived for some time, so the Renner store collection for this season is already in the shop windows and also on the streets. This one of the most important fast-fashion brands in the country has brought a collection designed to please all types of consumers. Check out some of the trends in the fall/winter collection:

Metallic tones have been coming into fashion since last year, but it is only now, in 2013, that they have made their mark on large collections and have become popular. The shades of gold, silver and copper, especially these three, appear strongly in knitwear and knit sweaters, leather jackets, accessories, bags and shoes.

Another very big bet from Renner stores for the winter of 2013 were the leather parts, a material that has long been a success and this year has gained even more strength and fans. The jackets are at the top of the list of acquisitions, followed by pants and leggings with details on the material, skirts, shorts and even shirts.

The prints are also part of the new collection. The highlight goes especially to the drawings with inspiration in the baroque art and the camouflaged, with reference in the militarism. Pants, dresses, coats, skirts and blouses appear with farcical traits. Military print marks the presence of shirts and pants, basically.