Four Elements Are Broadening the Perspectives

With the four elements–wind, fire, Earth and water–have Swedish Four Elements in nearly ten years delivered clothes to the Swedish and international streetwear-and outerwearmarknaden. Even for those purely stylistic unsaved, those who prefer more dressy outfits, is the evolution of the brand interesting. For as the brand’s designers grow older, becomes also the clothes more mature. Manolo has put the mark under the microscope.

1998 started everything. The old snowboarders Henry Koehler, Jonas Blom and Henrik Sundberg got tired of the lack of clothing that could combine attractive design with sufficient functionality. It started with pure Alpine clothing, suitable for downhill skis and boards, but has over time broadened their horizons to also produce distinctive streetwear-clothing, intended on city streets rather than on the slopes.

The reason is not just that they simply wanted to expand the collection.Born in the late 70 ‘s, the two creators (Henrik Sundberg biding their time in the financial industry and the design is now the name Köhler and Jonas Blom for) grown up and grown tired of (too), baggy pants and bulky clothing. They wanted something more mature, something which still has strong elements of street life, but dressy enough to fit even in “better” context.

Thus, the spring collection that will soon come to some 30 stores around the country, as well as to France and Switzerland, quite trendy in the consistently bright pastel colors in the color selections and fullprints put on t-shirts and shirts. With creases on the “classy” swimming shorts and bermuda shorts with clear safarivibbar.

For next winter it is no revolutionary material it is about: “everything is already done in the industry”. But prominent in the collection is the rich–with shoulder flaps and the large buttons on the jackets-and increasingly in the form of dressy tweed-like fabrics and sewn-on collars on jackets. It breathes street, but it is the garment that you still want to convey an adult “underground” feel. Or as they themselves puts it: “it should be mature rebel–not just rebel.”

A little exciting anecdote about the brand is how the logo is exposed. We have tried to downplay it, by reducing the size and not put it on the chest but on the upper arm. But the garments were not sold at all well. People seem to want to know and show others that there are Four Elements-garments. Therefore, you feel now forced to return to a prominent logo on the chest. And speaking of exposure: just as WE and their “ambassadors” has Four Elements focused on sponsoring celebrities with clothes. Among the names include Dogge Doggelito and several DJs. And a completely separate part of the collection (the other two parts are called Edge and Shadow)–Knus–is dedicated to four former national team skier in Moguls skiing, but pieces can also be purchased by us outside the national team.

The price level is high, but fully reasonable. Some examples are the jeans for 900-1300, t-shirt for around 400, swim shorts for 650 and ski jackets for 3300-4100 dollars.

The custom shop at hornsgatan 178 in Stockholm is open Saturdays and Sundays 12-16. And therefore, it is now not only a refuge for the sole Olympic skier but also a tip for all punching streetwear-saved. Nearby market Street and Perry Como in the next quarter could tentatively be also part of a small day trip to Söders new, interesting parts.