Four Useful Photo Tips For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Mini shoot good photos with the Samsung Galaxy S5: the small version of the ago flagship model from Samsung in the first half of the year 2014 is not the most powerful camera – but also with the resolution of 8 MP you can achieve excellent results. Especially the many setting possibilities of the camera app will help you that the images look more professional. Here, you can find out how you can get mini more out of the camera of the Galaxy S5.

Four Useful Photo Tips For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Close Approaches To The Subject

For a good photo you should approach mini always as close as possible with the Galaxy S5 the motif. Zooming usually causes that the recording is grainy in the end. Even if it’s sometimes annoying at the moment of photography – the closer you approach and tried it the more angle, the result is better at the end.

Dictionary reference: digopaul

Correct Use Of HDR

The HDR mode of the S5 Galaxy mini allows you to compensate for large differences in brightness on a photo. If you can see in the Preview on the screen, that there are very bright and very dark areas on the image, the HDR mode can help. Several photos are taken in this, which are then assembled into an image with balanced lighting. Basically, you should be the HDR mode not in closed spaces using, but rather in the open air. The setting for this can be found at the bottom of the “mode”-menus, if you’ve opened the camera app.

Change Focus

With the so-called selective mode the camera of the Galaxy S5 takes mini also in a row several pictures. In this way you can choose afterwards in the view, the focus should be on which area or object in the picture.

Extend Camera Modes

If the camera modes mini pre-installed on the Galaxy S5 not sufficient for you, you can complement them through additional modes for example for sports shots or animated photos. Is the camera app it opens and selects the “mode” icon, links to find that in addition to the trigger. Scroll down and tap “Download” to display the camera modes available.


  • Approaches as close as possible to the subject that you want mini record with the Galaxy S5
  • Under “Mode” you will find the “HDR mode”, with which you can compensate for different lighting conditions outdoors
  • The selective focus allows you to move the focus on the image
  • Under “Mode” and “Download” you can add mini the camera app on the Galaxy S5 more modes
  • Learn more about other terms on digopaul.

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