Get Inspired! 3 and 4 Wheel Baby Carriage Tips

If you are one of those who is in the most doubt to choose your baby’s stroller, how about following the trend of what the most famous use and bet on a modern and stylish ‘machine’? There are models with shock-absorbing wheels, which lock on their own and have an LCD display that gives accurate information about the ride with your baby . Check below and be inspired!

4 Moms

Origami is the most modern and technological when it comes to baby strollers. It is not only because of the innovative design, the LCD screen that monitors the walking mileage, the average speed and the battery charge, or even if it closes alone with just a touch . All this happens without the expense of any energy simply because the company’s 4 Moms car is powered by renewable energy. As you walk, the wheels recharge the batteries . In the United States, the average value is $ 900, but here are sites that do not sell the vehicle to less than $ 5,000.


It is one of the most used brands among Hollywood celebrities and darlings. Just look carefully and you will observe Quinny brand circles in most of the big stars’ carts . With an endless number of models and series, such as the one signed by the Brazilian Romero Brito (photo), the brand is successful for comfort and the adjustable system and inclination, as well as the automatic deployment of the ‘machine’. The average value in the US is US $ 800, and in Brazil it is possible to find from R $ 2,500.

Bloom Baby

With shock-absorbing wheels, reclining control handle and solar lighting system with rechargeable batteries, the Bloom Baby is another stroller  from Babyinger that makes success among the famous . All materials and fabrics are washable and a solar cover protects the baby from UV40 + rays. The armchair can be used as baby comfort for travel by car and is easily removable. Average value in the United States of US $ 700 (R $ 1,375).


Lightweight and compact, the Mutsy Evo model can have the seat facing forward or back, has adjustable backrest and foot rest and fortified wheels. With the 3-wheel models shaking the stroller market, Mutsy’s innovative design gives strength to the traditional four-wheeled carts . In the United States it has an average price of U $ 400 (R $ 786).

Phil & Teds

Among other trolleys that allow for carrying more than one baby, Phil & Teds has become a celebrity craze for design and safety when carrying an older child along with a smaller baby . Adaptable, it is also possible to carry only one child during the ride and the top cowl can be opened to protect the entire armchair extension. Average value in the United States of US $ 810 (R $ 1,591).

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