Google Pixel C: a New Tablet-Laptop Hybrid

With Pixel C will search giant bring a more productive and exclusive tablet to market.

Google Pixel-series of high-end laptops has not enjoyed by the major distribution so far. Although they can boast to an exquisite design and great looking screens, is the diffusion limited and at the same time, it has simplified Chrome OS operating system been stumbling block for Google’s topbærbare.

With the Pixel (C), try the search giant this time to build bridges between the expensive Pixel family and Nexus series of tablets. Unlike Nexus products, however, it will be Google itself, which is responsible for the production and distribution of Pixel (C).

Name stands for ‘Convertible’

Pixel C is thought of as a hybrid between a laptop and a tablet, with a particular focus on both touch-and keyboard-input via a customized Bluetooth keyboard.

The two units are created to be attached magnetically, in both laptop and tablet mode, while the keys are designed to give a good writing comfort by being close to the size of a full-size keyboard.

You will also get rid of having to worry about power to the wireless keyboard, since it can hold power for up to two months and, at the same time be charged wirelessly when Pixel C is collapsed.

High-end screen and finish

Pixel (C) will inherit the same angular and exclusive metal design which characterized Pixels-computers. At the same time, all your content width a 10.2 inch large display with a resolution of 2560 x 1800.

The display format is 10:7, which emulates the format from a piece of A4 paper, in order to make Pixel available both in landscape and portrait format.

The screen is also tuned to cover over the sRGB color space, and thereby ensure natural and true color to your games, movies and apps.

Still an Android tablet

The operating system will be Android 6.0 Marshallow and thus a means goodbye to Chrome OS and Hello to the Android system’s many apps and features.

Count forces supplied by a Nvidia x quadcore with 3 GB RAM and accompanied by either 32 GB or 64 GB of storage space for files, games and applications. Charging takes place through the reversible USB-C connector.

Danish price and availability is not illuminated, but official u.s. prices of 499 and 599 u.s. dollars respectively for the 32 and 64 GB variant points to a pricing similar to Microsoft’s Surface 3 hybrid tablet.

Pixel C will get commercial debut before Christmas.