Halloween Costumes: Scary-Beautiful out Fit!

Sweets Otherwise there are acids: on October 31st, Halloween knocks on our doors! At the hour of the Witch’s (almost) everything is allowed, which is fun and brings us really nice to the creeps. We’ll show you what sexy Halloween costumes will make you the spooky star of any party.

When witches pull through the streets, then again Halloween is finally allowed to be in the wardrobe dug and unrestrained in the Wig box. Besides the well-known sexy-Hexi, since “Twilight” certainly belongs the unapproachable, cool Vampirette to the most coveted Halloween costumes. All fashionistas who do not want to be a copy of Bella Swan and Co. should take a look at the fairytale witch Special from Stylight. Find out which sorceress best suits you and how to make the best of the style. And for all non-witches, there are now the ultimate outfit tips for the night of the Living Dead:

DIY Halloween Costumes: More Drama Please!

Awaken the Couture Queen! The more conspicuous and extravagant the Halloween costume, the more you fall on and are the center of every party. And hey, that’s the main thing about Halloween. For that, it is not necessary to buy an expensive costume in the next scary shop-the coolest look slumbers in the wardrobe. Take the little black one, make his legs more beautiful with a mega-sexy pantyhose (very courageous draw running stitches-this works super trashy), put another on it with a noble black garter-“shades of Grey” gives greetings-and refines everything with conspicuous Accessories such as State ment ketten and long earrings in black. Voila, the choice of “Miss Corpse-Bride 2014” should now stand in the way of nothing. Or moment, there was something else… Oh yes right, the right make up. Or on Halloween probably the right camouflage painting on the face. It can be blocked and not spilled.

Black Painting on the Face-the Perfect Makeup!

Ladies, topless is not on Halloween! Especially if your Halloween disguise is rather simple, the makeup must rock properly! You are only ready to go when your mirror image scares you. OK, feel good in your skin you should be still. But: an absolute must-have is a corpse-pale complexion, exaggerated smoky-eyes and a blood-red mouth. What else is an absolute no-go among beauty experts makes your Halloween look complete. So, get to the brushes!

And Untenrum? Matching Halloween Costume Look

The right footwear-as if this annoying theme would not rob us of the last nerve even in normal everyday situations. Heels or boots, ballerinas or ankle boots-this is the question! In any case, it is important that you can walk well, feel good and dance the night away without waking up with bloody feet in the morning (Halloween is then over). At my feet I definitely buckle really high lace boots with plateau sole. I admit that in everyday life I would not (yet) dare to attract them, which is why Halloween is just right for me as the first date.

The tips for the successful Halloween performance in a nutshell: The little black mixed with extravagant, eye-catching accessories. Let yourself fall into the makeup pot, paint on it or look at tutorials. Important: Blood-red lipstick, deep black eyeshadow, white powder must be. Your shoes for Halloween costume should be sexy and striking. But remember: bloody feet the next morning are really spooky and quite uncomfortable.

Birgit Bulla works at STYLIGHT as a fashion journalist. She is also an absolute horror and creepy fan and loves to throw herself on Halloween. In order to be perfectly styled again this year, Birgit has already subscribed to all the tutorial channels and laid out their black outfits.


My Halloween Costume: Maleficent Horns 101 – D R O O B

My Halloween Costume: Maleficent Horns 101 – D R O O B

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