High Heels Secret of Christian Louboutins

Christian Louboutin white to the secret of high heels.

The shoe designer, who is known for the distinctive red soles, by which he makes his shoes, believes that men and women go to the shoe issue in different ways. He claimed women would use especially Stilettos and co., to seduce men, in conversation with the ‘Sunday Times’. “Shoes have an element of seduction that simply does not exist for men for women.

When you think of Marlene Dietrich, as her legs stacked their whole attitude suggested,. The body language starts with the shoes and then spreads over the entire body. A woman can have a charming, sexy, shy, or witty with their shoes.”

While women through their shoes would express their mood or pursue a specific goal, the treads for men had claimed a completely different meaning, the high heels Pope. According to Shoesespecially,  here stand alone the desirability in the foreground. However, unlike women, for the comfort play only a minor role. “Why women wear shoes where the feet hurt them gladly. For some this will be balanced by something else. This has something to do with desire. It lends itself more strength, is more aware of himself and his body”he philosophized and argues that it was men, above all with her shoes”to emit wealth or Elen full. Men’s shoes do not play with the character of a man”, he concludes.