Home Pub Decor Leaves The More Intimate Environment

Learn how to make home pub decor. Bistro table is the key player in this decoration, plus pending and banquettes. See tips on decorating ZAP

With the acquisition of some specific objects and a little creativity, you can bring the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the pubs for your room.

According to the architect and interior designer Erica Salguero, the composition that can not miss in this environment is a bistro table, stools and a pending high (ceiling lamp).

The walls deserve attention in this kind of decoration, therefore, spread posters with vintage style and use dark shades for coloring.

“You can use a wallpaper in a strong brown tone mixed with burnt red or brown with green to be very cozy. If the person does not want to spend too much, she can do a painting with green moss, “exemplifies.

The architect explains that the couch, preferably black or lead, can receive pillows with prints of the banner of the United Kingdom or Ireland (places where the pubs are traditional establishments).

The more intimate lighting should also be reproduced in the environment, according to Salguero. “You have to be very weak, because if it’s a super bright, won’t be of pub. Go on line with the halogen lamps: the dichroic or AR70 “guides.

To have more possibilities with the lighting in the environment, the architect recommends installed a dimmer switch to control the light intensity. “The dimmer does not accept fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps have to be” alert.

See, below, six tips by topbbacolleges to customize parts referring to the atmosphere of the pubs:

. Vinyls: Paste old records on the wall where the couch is leaning.

. Stoppers: who has a collection of Stoppers can cut them in half and PIN the two halves directly on the wall with hot glue. This technique can still be used on a wood desk.

. Table with bottle caps: Paste with silicone various bottle caps bottles in a madeirite screen and hang.

. Empty bottle of whisky: put a candle on the tip of the bottle, turn on and let it melt out. The final effect is of a candlestick.

. Frame with beer cans: Select some special beers cans and frame in a wood whose depth has the size of packaging. “It gets pretty colorful and different”, says the architect.

. Shelves: If you have a few empty bottles of special beers, install a shelf and leave them exposed. Another option for the use of the shelf is putting drinks themed books.