How Is She? 9. Extraordinary Proposals for Mother’s Day That You Will Make Very Special Feeling

It is not to repeat the formula I used for father’s day, but the truth is that I know from good authority, that more than one would have liked to find similar proposals, on the slightest pretext. So now, the mothers, the opportunity of enjoy those whims that you leave completely routine. The slogan remains the same: the intention is what counts.

Just a warning, this time around is so tempting that the election will be difficult. Prepared to make a special journey?


Yes the art and delicacy they are among its priorities, the “alter ego” I propose to my proposal for father’s day. This time it’s up to Pink Nobile Special Edition, a single format with its delicious fragrance of a bouquet of freshly cut roses. Acqua di Parma you have created for this edition exquisite a jewel bottle, made by skilled artisans under the motive of a corolla with delicate petals, made in 24 k gold.

Work carried out by the ancient technique of engraved in sand, that are reached three-dimensional effects, lights and shadows, using a manual process that makes each bottle one single piece. Glass polished, glossy, brushed and finished with a layer of 24 karat gold, designed to last thanks to its exclusive rechargeable container. In its interior, delicious notes of Mandarin orange from Sicily, bergamot from Calabria and pepper, heart with accents of Peony, violet and oakmoss, which anticipate the rosa centifolia of Italy. The bottom is warm and Woody cedar, Ambergris and musk. The price of this small and unique treasure in 100 ml size is 127 euros and sold exclusively in space Acqua di Parma of El Corte Inglés.


Passion is what awakens in me, and in all that know him, Phyto-Lip Twist of Sisley, Since he left. Completely addictive, does that you have only one becomes almost impossible. When she discover them, want more. Are many factors that make it irresistible to I do not know if their enormous success lies in its formula treating, that are extremely convenient and comfortable, in their ringtones adjustable, in its practical format with anatomical tip for which never need Sharpener or your precious format with reason Zebra… more reasons to give away it?

It maintains the softness and the elasticity, protects and moisturizes, And is bar and Profiler. Even more? Are bright, very creamy and long-lasting. In addition, you can now choose between classic colors or innovate with the 6 summer shades that you have just joined the saga twist, divided into 4 families of color and 15 irresistible shades. The new ones are: 10 Sugar, 11 Litch, Melo 12, 13 Poppy, 14 Love & 15 Nut. The price of each Phyto Lip Twist is 36 euros.

I remind you that the signature this year again has entrusted to the Solidarity project Kisani the creation to this day of an exquisite bag of flax with the message “Merci Maman” hand embroidery, sold exclusively in El Corte Inglés.


Givenchy premieres this month of may, a real treat for lovers of the essential makeup and the limited collections. The Edition Couture 2016 of Le Rouge and Le Prisme free dress with a delicate floral print, very cool and unpublished in homage to the dark romance of the la Maison Couture collections. The result is so perfect that it constitutes a gift beautiful and very practical.

Magnolia flowers In contrast to the aristocratic black of their iconic products for 2 essential It will be in the bag or you can enjoy at home. Le Rouge Givenchy No.306 Carmine boot It is an intense, joyful and bright lipstick and Le Prisme free, No.1 Mousseline cake: a delicious air powder to show off a velvety complexion and use non-stop. Just available in May and exclusively in El Corte Inglés. Approximate prices are 35,50 and 51 euros, respectively.


If you know Maria Galland you know that there is little to say once you tested. It is a firm effective and sensory offering true results and, to make matters worse, often prepare extraordinary specific chests for every special occasion. On the occasion of mother’s day, one extraordinary: contains the Crème Mille 1000 and 2 vials of Les Essences, Caviar and white truffles. The cream is a complete anti-aging whose principal assets are the white truffle, microcapsules pure gold 24 carats biopeptides, activator, macadamia nuts, water lily extract, complex of Lotus and Peony, vitamin E, among others. Is directed to reduce wrinkles, smoothing and improved levels of moisture and firmness skin.

The objective of 001 essence of Caviar is to get a velvety skin, lifting effect, and the of 004 white truffle essence, acting upon the luminosity and hydration. The box price is 299 euros and you can find your nearest point of sale or by calling to the 966 165 818 phone.


Summer is approaching and surely one of its objectives is to show off a nice body with a beautiful skin. If they are of that resolve, those that they don’t care but if occupy, either of the firming treatments of Clarins formulated from plant extracts highly effective is your gift.

Lift Fermete Creme Riche regenerating y Lait Fondant Regenerant are 2 textures for 2 different sensations and an equally effective and objective, the preserve the elasticity and the tonicity skin. The key is, among other assets, in extracts of lemon thyme, centella asiatica, bocoa and vu sua aimed at promoting the prevention of skin sagging and restore elasticity thanks to a firming action and redensifying, an immediate “lifting” effect, moisturize, nourish and provide a feeling of comfort. Can I help you to choose?

The Creme Riche regenerating It is creamy, very soft application thanks to the shea butter and hazelnut and jojoba oils. Lait fondant regenerant provides the skin a soft and velvety finish, and, in addition, relief of the butter of Shea with its nourishing properties, more a sense of freshness thanks to a derivative of menthol. What I guarantee is that any of the 2 turn the care of your body in a real pleasure. Are in 200 ml jar or tube of 200 ml, respectively, and each at the price of 56 euros.


As sure that none of your mothers have less than 40 years, I am going to propose the gift of your life. Do you imagine a glasses almost magical You can enjoy butt? Do a “all-in-one” with mounts so ideal that become the most flattering fashion accessory? If you like to see her happy, are going to get a progressive lenses Varilux, those with which is of near and far without having to constantly change glasses.

Varilux It is the best solution for eyestrain because it allows that the graduation adapts progressively to the needs of his vision, in a natural and comfortable, close, by far, way over any distance with so only glasses, without donning and doffing constantly weary gesture.

Eyeglasses Varilux they were the first progressive lens in the world and take over 50 years to innovate so its range has countless combinations for each lens, with the option to specialise them according to the different work and circumstances of each person, thanks to its different treatments and technologies.

An example to combine its crystals? Crizal is the treatment anti-glare most advanced on the market that keeps clean glasses for a longer time and protects from UV rays thanks to its innovative E-SPF * protecting the eyes up to 25 times more than not take lens. Crizal prevention In addition to all the above advantages, filters harmful blue light that it emitted by electronic devices. If you love the sunglasses, You can combine it with Transitions, the crystals which varandpending on the light. A unique requirement, accompany her to graduate and then everything will be possible thanks to your new fashion accessory. Practical, flattering, and that “the world will be eaten”. You can find them at the best optics.


Since they made their appearance on the market, 4 years ago, the swimwear of Adela & Viki they have been a revolution. Everything is designed for promote the most and, because we are not all equal, their different cuts they have been designed depending on every need, for exalt and promote best each type of woman. This season spring/summer 2016, They also incorporate to your proposal News as regards fabrics, design and manufacturing complying with its commitment to provide security, confidence and comfort to the real woman.

Do you believe that she will not be crazy with a gift as well? The prices, from 95 euros to 115 euros, and you can buy them on the street Serrano number 25 in Madrid.


It is not going to the hairdresser but likes to take a nice hair? An iron Clud Nine of touch It is his gift, because among other features, allows to regulate automatically the temperature suitable for every hair type and it requires so easy that they don’t even have power-off switch. The iron starts to work from the first moment, totally eliminating warm-up time and is considered by its creators to be more fast and energy-efficient on the market. See how it works is a show: with a few quick touches reaches the desired temperature. Its price is 165 euros and you can purchase it in Daniel Gómez hairdressers, in the calle Sanchez Barcaitegui 32 Madrid.


You have thought about an experience of? relax from two days intended for it? Insurance you need to live a moment of rest unforgettable. This time Marbella Club Hotel· Golf Resort & Spa He has designed a special package for one luxury experience addressed to you want to celebrate this day in Marbella. Consists of two nights accommodation in Double room Deluxe, Junior Suite garden Suite, buffet breakfast with Champagne for two people, the facial treatment Diamond Touch for one person and one session individual holistic to choose between Yoga, Pilates, Yogilates golf, Kabat lift or Mindfulness session.

Exclusive treatment Diamond Touch by Marbella Club luxury cosmetics firm Natura Bissé It is a global experience led to resurgence of face, body and mind with all its beauty and splendor. The ritual begins with a welcome Protocol flavoured with essence of lavender and a massage of Facial Shiatsu to oxygenate the skin, activating the micro-circulation and bring a sense of overall wellbeing.

Price, from 1,240 euro in a double room, and the promotion valid only for bookings from April 29 to May 2, 2016. The only condition is that the minimum stay is 2 nights. For more information you can check on their website

Any of these proposals are intended to make it very happy. Treatment, fad, pleasure, functionality… is something for everyone in a magical day that routine goes into the background to make it shine with their own light. Do we do that? dazzle even more?

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