How Long should You Keep Your Makeup?

An old tubes mascara. A foundation off-color. An eye shadow palette out-of-style.Makeup bag every woman probably has one or two products that just do not throw away. It’s time to take your garbage cans, though, because the makeup has an expiration date! While many products contain preservatives that kill common bacteria, they can not fight fast enough when the makeup is exposed to air, and therefore, so you do not protect your face from bacteria in the air. And, of course, the makeup, which is many years is not the same coverage or color, as once.

How Long should You Keep Your Makeup

For these reasons, beautypically has prepared a full list of maturities trick that will help you, your bag is clean and clear skin to keep together.

1. Mascara duration Throw every three months

Mascara is perhaps the biggest offenders when it comes to germs, because it is very often the tube is open, is closed and exposed to bacteria in the air. Because the mascara wand works closely with the eyes, it is also the subject keeps the bacteria, eye itching, redness or conjunctivitis can lead. If you somehow got an eye irritation, you should eyes applying make-up until it is completely deleted virus.

2. Foundation Expires

Take every one to two years, depending on the basic product

The life of the Foundation may vary, depending on whether the formula in liquid or powder;Oil-based formulas, for example, are mine usually faster than their fixed. Regardless, it is important to take your foundation, once it starts to separate, the colors, the smell different to thicken or.

How Long should You Keep Your Makeup 3

3. How long to keep an eye liner?

Throw every three months up to two years

How mascara, eyeliner and gel-based fluid should be replaced every three months, when you consider how much they. In contact with your eyes However liner pencil can be used for a maximum of two years, provided that they sharpened regularly and refreshed.

4. Lipstick, Lip Gloss and Lip Liner

Throw every two years

Lipsticks and glosses make it easier for carriers to know when it’s time to throw. While the sticks to dry, glosses stickier than usual. Lip, however, two or more years when they sharpened regularly.

Durability 5. Perfume

Throw every two to three years

It’s hard to believe that the perfume bottles are not always durable household products, as their delicate shapes look so good on the display. Over time, the smell of perfume your may change.Therefore, it is best to store perfume in a cool, dark place to keep the scents fresh as long as possible.

How Long should You Keep Your Makeup 2

6. enamel

expiry date

Take every year

Nail polish thickens with time, so it is usually fairly easy to understand when it is time to start.Increase the life of your favorite color to save it thinner in a cool, dry location, with the addition of a touch of nail polish.

7. Body Lotion

Throw every two years

Body lotions’ in pots duration tend sooner to unload that of lotions in bottles with pumps, since the latter protects its contents from any contact with the existing bacteria in the air. In both cases, the lotion, typically, shows that it expired by changing its color or scent.

How Long should You Keep Your Makeup 1

Well, now they are with the knowledge of how long you should keep your makeup and cosmetics armed. This understanding will not only help to keep your skin in its healthy state, but also save money because you buy unnecessary goods, opened before the end of your previously. Of course these are not the only beauty products have a shelf life in September; You should also keep in mind your other cosmetics and makeup expiration dates are as eye shadow, land, hair care products, sunscreen, facial cleanser,etc.