How to Choose Your Wool Sweater?

Winter is approaching and the temperatures of the moment have reminded us. It’s not that you should not go out, but “Before you go, you’ll have to cover yourself because outdoors you’ll be so cold that you will not even feel your most intimate parts!” Gentlemen cover us to face the cold winter that is watching us. How? With an essential element to any winter outfit:the pull. Whether it’s merino wool, mohair or alpaca, whether it’s a round neck or a rolled neck, the main purpose of the sweater is to keep us warm. We will guide you so that you will find the little wool that will accompany you throughout the season!


Before buying a sweater it must be ensured that it is designed with materials keeping the warm.It is therefore important to look at the label of the garment to know its composition.Let’s start by saying that acrylic and polyester are not insulating materials.It is better to bet on a good cotton, but to be warm the ideal is wool.Wool is a fiber of animal origin, coming from the fleece of sheep or the goat.This fiber absorbs moisture to restore it, making it an excellent thermal insulation.Also, consider paying attention to the thickness of the yarns and weaving, a thick yarn and a tight weave are pledges of heat.There are different kinds of wool with different properties.So we will present 5 types to you so that you find a little better:

– Virgin wool:means a wool or less than 7% of other fiber has been added

– Merino wool:it is the very fine down of the fleece of merino sheep of Australia.This type of very fine wool does not scratch and evacuates moisture for optimal comfort.

– Cashmere:fine and silky fiber from goat’s wool in the cashmere region between India, Pakistan and China.Soft, warm, light and fairly expensive because of the rarity of this fiber.

– The alpaca:takes its name from the animal originating from Peru and Bolivia which is from the family of the llama.Elastic wool and resistance, it retains heat and does not let pass water or dust.It is a material which lasts in washing and which has hygroscopic properties, ie the fiber absorbs moisture very slowly.

– The mohair:wool designed from the angora goat.Mohair protects and insulates from fire, does not retain odors and very little dirt.It is a living material which protects from the cold but also from the heat thanks to its adiathermal properties (ability to regulate the heat)


Did you know ?All sweaters do not necessarily go to everyone.Each man is different and has a type of sweater that will match him better than another.The collar style, for example, will depend on your neck and again the cut will depend on your body shape.We have chosen to decline different types of sweaters and cardigans in illustration how to wear them.

The V-neck sweater

It is a pull that brings dynamism, which lengthens and refines the silhouette.When choosing a sweater, bear in mind that you are going to wear another garment underneath.Do not take it too tight as it would quickly become uncomfortable.The ideal is to try it with a shirt.On the contrary, do not take too large a model that would be inelegant and would allow the cold to pass more easily.

Which one to choose?

How to wear it?

Solid color (black, gray, navy blue), the V-neck sweater can be worn on a shirt. Make sure that the collar of the shirt remains in the sweater. You can even tie a tie to your shirt if you want to bring a touch of extra elegance! The set can be worn under a leather jacket or a trench coat in a casual/chic style or with a blazer for a more formal outfit. In a more casual style, the V-neck sweater can be worn on a t-shirt and feature discreet patterns like stripes.

The round neck sweater

This is the most common sweater that sailors wore during their crossings, the one that one is very willing to go to walk on Sundays in the woods.It is often a more rustic sweater, made of thick wool, with patterns, colors, twists, and so on.

Which one to choose?

How to wear it?

The round neck sweater can be worn on a shirt but in a more casual style than the V-neck sweater. It is often a thicker sweater especially in its most traditional variations (Breton sweater, sweater, Norwegian sweater …).Depending on its thickness and the temperature of the day, it can be worn alone, under a jacket in jeans or under a leather jacket, and under a parka, a hood or a  duffle coat as soon as the wind blows.

The V-neck cardigan

The famous sweater created in the 19th century by James Thomas Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan, general of the British Empire, is also a great classic of the men’s locker room!Practical with its buttons that can be opened or closed to adapt more easily to the ambient temperature.

Which one to choose?

How to wear it?

Its style is close to that of a V-neck sweater and it offers many possibilities as well:it can be worn elegantly with a shirt and a trench stand alone or more casually on a t-shirt in spring.

The collar cardigan

The cardigan is also available in a shawl collar or chimney collar version, which combines the advantages of the traditional cardigan, which can be opened or closed at leisure, and the collar sweater which provides optimum protection against cold and wind.It has grown considerably in recent years, becoming a must.

Which one to choose?

How to wear it?

The collared cardigan has more character than the V-neck cardigan but it is also more difficult to associate.It will be worn alone over a t-shirt if the weather is relatively mild, or on a shirt with a winter coat such as a hut to be able to face harsher conditions.

The turtleneck

Like most sweaters, it was originally worn for outdoor activities such as golf and hockey.The turtleneck is also very popular among sailors.It was also one of the fetishes of Commander Cousteau (with the red cap of course).The black turtleneck sweater is a basic of the masculine wardrobe that allows you to squirt the silhouette and therefore look bigger.It is an elegant sweater that can be worn alone or typically under a tweed jacket to replace the shirt and tie on Friday or on very cold days.It is a sweater that is often worn by people working in a creative craft.

The sweatshirt

The sweatshirt was created in the 1920s to replace the wool sweaters worn by athletes until then.As its name indicates (sweat = sweat), this garment has as prime utility to absorb the sweat caused by any sporting practice.It is usually made of cotton, or jersey.Its use has since expanded to other areas, from the Waikiki sweatshirt of the 90s to the hipster of today.

Which one to choose?

How to wear it?

Not as warm as a wool sweater, warmer than a cotton sweater, the sweatshirt also offers different possibilities in terms of style.Piece sportswear by definition, it can now be considered in various outfits, and even some more elegant.Ideally, it is pruned for mid-season and can be worn under its parka in autumn or alone in spring.The parka goes very well, combined with jeans and a pair of sneakers.If one possesses a more elegant model, an outfit with a chino, an Oxford shirt and derbies is conceivable.However, forget it for any formal occasion.