How to Combine Leggings with Other Parts

How To Use Pants Leggings-Tips

She is one of the most popular pieces of clothing today, after all, who doesn’t have a leggings in your closet? As it is, there’s not a day that you go out on the street without seeing many people using them the most varied forms, is with sports or looks tidy. You can use these pants of many legal ways and super helpful, both in winter and in summer.

Now that we’re officially in the winter Valley starting with the tips to the cold. How to use the leggings at the station? It’s very easy, in the winter we don’t dismiss the boots, whether they are short or long barrel, with or without heel. We know that to match the boots the tights fall very well.

In winter you can bet in Black opaque tights, riding boots, denim shirt with black sweater over it, leaving the tips of the shirt and the collar, to finish, a leather jacket on top. The shirt and the jacket can simply be replaced with a simple cardigan sweater, blazer type.

Now, if you want to use the pants leggings in the summer or a half-season, get the boot from the previous look and bet on a shoe, advised by Biotionary. At the top, blouse common mesh, including regatinhas with lace on the bar and over, to give a charming touch to the look, white blazer.

For the hottest days, replace the shoes by creeping sandals. At the top of the look, invest in a shirt with floral print, cheerful as the summer. Fold the shirt cuffs and bet on maxi necklaces and fashion to close the bag look.