How to Match Jeans with Detail

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A stylish wardrobe is not made only of parts that are high in fashion but mainly simple and timeless pieces that can provide various combinations. And one of those classic and necessary pieces is certainly the women’s jeans shirt, which is versatile and beautiful at the same time, even more so if you have details.

The new Summer 2016 collection of Conscious Jeans has several denim shirtdesigns with details to choose from.

The women’s jeans shirt caters for all tastes. Light or dark wash, with rips, embroideries, applications, modeling more acinturada or wider, the most important is to have yours in the closet, because without a doubt, you will be able to create several looks with the same piece.

How To Wear The Jeans Shirt With Details

Before even choosing the complements of the jeans shirt in production you need to know that the jeans shirt has at least three ways to be used: open, closed or tied.

Open: in this case, the jeans shirt works as a third piece, complementing and ending the production in an unconventional way.

Closed: option to close all the buttons or leave some initial buttons open, thus, the jeans shirt wins the rank of star of the look.

Tied: just make a small knot at the height of the bar. In these cases, you can leave the shirt open or closed and the knot is responsible for giving a fun and different touch to the piece.

As for the length of the sleeves, the most indicated is a 3/4 length female jeans shirt or that can then be folded. This is due to the fact that thus the wrist, which is the thinnest part of the arm, is shown, stretching the silhouette.

Tips On Looks With Women’s Jeans Shirt

If you are thinking of buying or have already bought a denim shirt with details, see the tips below and be inspired.

Jeans Shirt With Details And Jeans

This is the total jeans look, so fashion and so fashionable nowadays. In order not to look boring and bland, opt for a shirt and pants with different washes, playing with the tones, like the one down there that Anitta is wearing.

The pants are more destroyed (with tears) and darker than the shirt. This still has a detail of shine on the shoulder bringing more femininity to the look.

Taking advantage of the photo above… See a look option with a men’s jeans shirt. The Erasmo Vianna chose to use open with underneath t-shirt and jeans shortstextutizada to give contrast to the shirt, although it stains, is smoother.

Jeans Shirt With Skirt

A more fluid fabric skirt, such as a layered or ruffled skirt, is perfect for matching the denim shirt with detail, creating a delicate and romantic look. If the skirt is lace or has a floral print, for example, the production is even more charming.Gather with a thin belt and on the feet, sandals or short boots.

Jeans Shirt With Shorts

For warmer days it is also possible to wear the women’s jeans with shorts from the most diverse models: short jeans, tailor-made, lace, and even sequins. In these cases, you can use the closed shirt inside.

Jeans Shirt With Dress

For a personality- minded and out-of-the-ordinary look, wear your favorite dress and match it with a denim shirt over the top, open or tied. If you want, you can also use a belt to mark the waist.

Meet the Jeans Shirt line with details of the Summer 2016 Collection ofConscience Jeans-Econscience !

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