How to Store and Conserve the Ground Roasted Coffee at Home?

How to store and keep the coffee at home?

Save the package of coffee pantry, well away from the closet of cleaning and hygiene products.

After opening, keep the packaging or transfer to a pot that is hermetically sealed and place preferably in the fridge.The pot has to be very tight not to get air and, in the case of the fridge, to the coffee does not come into contact with moisture and dust do not acquire the odors of other products and foods there stored.

The pot should be for the exclusive use of the coffee. When is reset the product, remember to wash it and keep it clean and dust free before. Avoid mixing the end of coffee powder with a new one. The ideal is to consume coffee two or at most three weeks after open.

Important Care

Always use filtered water in the preparation of coffee, and never boil. Do not reuse coffee grounds used, called sludge, to prepare new drink. As the coffee is a product which absorbs any odor or scent, only use mild detergent to wash all utensils: teapot, jug, teapot, filter holder, thermos, mugs and cups.

To ensure a warm cup of coffee, blanch the cups with boiling water before serving and on colder days, blanch the own pot or container before moving the coffee bottle. Blanch the thermos, which also must be of exclusive use for coffee. Important: never sweeten the coffee and just keep it in the thermos by at most 1 hour – after that it gets like reheated and loses all flavor. Just sweeten the coffee in the Cup, when you sign for it.

Make the coffee in the optimum amount for the number of people who will consume it.So, in addition to always have a really good cup of coffee, you still save and don’t waste, throwing the coffee in the drain.