How to Style Hats

Hats , here is the many tricks to reinvent, to give new life to old hats buried at the bottom cabinets or left sull’appendiabiti gathering dust. Here are some creative and original suggestions to change their appearance and utility decorating them with details and accessories unique, giving them a touch of color and extra character.

Unique details for hats

To give the old hats, straw, but not only, there is nothing better than to decorate them using details and accessories only. Big and small details that can make a difference, to illuminate even the most dull and sad cloth hat or give a touch of extra glamor to the simplest of baseball caps.

To enjoy a baseball cap less sporty and more fashionable, for example, you can opt for shiny or metallic reflections decorations. Some examples? The visor can be filled with studs and beads, the rhinestones and sequins, details that can easily be fixed with glue or a needle and thread.

Add character with little money to even the most bare and banal hat you can. In order to avoid the carnival effect, the decoration may prefer a simple but effective to achieve with the help of a scarf or colored ribbons, to be fixed around the hat with the help of few seams with needle and thread.

If it is, instead, a straw hat, the companion of the sunniest summer days at sea as to the lake, you can dare with the most colorful accessories and gorgeous, like fabric bows or flowers from fluorescent colors, for example.

Decorate for reinventing

According to directoryaah, the ladies’ hats, which are those with a wide brim or more discrete models that mimic the lines of those for men, that they are not famous and expensive models, you can reinvent arming of needle and thread, colors and lots of imagination.

For most of the art practices embroidery, hat, for example, can be interpreted in the same way as any other fabric to be decorated at the tip needle and shots of brightly colored threads, drawings and letters, figures and Greek of various kinds.

If you have not experienced stitchers, however, everything can be turned into decoration to be fixed on the hat to give it a touch of originality. From peacock feathers to cheerleader wool DIY, to the pins of any kind, shape and color. The trick, in this case, is in assembling all the elements with style, avoid forcing or redundant excesses.