How to Use: Clothes (and Make!) for Back to School

February starts and we’re starting to freak out. The classes at college and at college begin, and consequently, the routine of studies, of tests, of works, of presentations, hours on end with the face of books … Phew!Student life is not at all easy, is it?Therefore, I think we deserve a very comfortable clothes to go to study, but with style!

Some people prefer not to “spend” the clothes and end up getting some kind of uniform to go to college:T-shirt and jeans on the hyperrestaurant. Of course, it’s super comfortable, but a lot of people are not content with just the basics.After all, we have so much choice in the closet, why not use it, right?So I brought some cool, but not impossible, ideas for copying into our daily lives-for both summer and winter.

I’m not in favor of jumping on campus. It can be quite uncomfortable if the place has lawn, slopes or lots of stairs. My great loves are the sneakers, of all colors and prints, to face the college. Of course our ally will always be the good old sneakers, an All Star of preference, that will hold us in all the wanderings in the corridors. Oxfords and low moccasins add a bit more to their clothes, to get out of the ordinary.

Jeans are basic to college or college, but complements will make clothing less obvious. Long necklaces, women’s shoes and more coats are beautiful!I do not indicate many bracelets, because it can get in the way of writing the material in the notebook.Earrings can also bother a bit, so necklaces are so sweethearts.

What’s up?Ready to go back to class?

1. Back to School Looks with Pants Jeans

2. Back to School Looks with Pants Jeans and Coats

3. Back to School Looks with Pants

4. Back to School Looks with Shorts

5. Back to School Looks with Shorts Jeans

6. Back to School Looks with Shorts Jeans and Pantyhose

7. Back-to-School Looks with Legging

8. Back to School Looks with Skirts

9. Back to School Looks with Medium Skirts

10. Back to School Looks with Skirts and Coats

11. Back to School Look Dresses

12. Back to School Looks with Dresses and Coats

As for makeup, it stands to reason that it needs to be very thin. Forget the marked eyes (use them only for the ballad) and bet on a health face, with a very natural make. It is worth putting some more fun elements, such as eyeliner or a color in the eyes, but without exaggeration!It’s just to leave the look with an extra touch.

1. Make nude for back to school

Back-to-School Eyeliner

3. Colorful Eyes for Back to School