Huawei Ideos x 3: Android Smartphone For 49.95 Euro At Tchibo

In the fall of 2011 the huawei ideos X 3 at lidl was a customer stampede at store opening many purchase interested had to pull off but empty-handed again, as the food discounter in stock had not enough 99 euro smartphones. The huawei ideos X 3 is there now for the half at tchibo, five euros starting credit included. The low price has its reason: A SIM / NET-lock. On request by COMPUTER image tchibo confirmed that the smartphone with the SIM card and not to other O2 cards working.

Test: Huawei ideos X 3


Offers 320 x 480 pixel capacitive TFT touch screen 3.2 inches (8.1 cm) diagonal. This is indeed only half as much as for current top smartphones (800 x 480 pixels), but more than when the same expensive devices from other manufacturers who are content with 320 x 240 pixels. 600 megahertz, the ideos X 3 when it comes to speed tear no trees, but it is enough for most applications. Although the latest android 2.3 (gingerbread) is used, flash videos, nor video telephony via skype worked when tested. You upgrade the small memory (148 MB) via microsd card up to 32 gigabytes. For wireless connectivity, UMTS, GPS, wi-fi-n and bluetooth are available. The battery made flabby in the test after six hours of intensive use.

Conclusion: Huawei ideos X 3

In this price segment, you get currently barely more smart phone for the money. The equipment must not hide with android 2.3, UMTS and wi-fi. Display offers, after all, the resolution of the iphone 3GS. Of course you need some more patience than top models, pay just a fraction. There are also a SIM card worth five euros and 14 days internet tchibo offerings. For around 50 euros, the huawei ideos X 3 is a bargain even if you should invest in a memory card yet ten euros. Only problem is the limitation of the SIM-lock.

Review conclusion: You need to know that

The cheap huawei ideos X 3 will be honorable. Speed and camera to desired, for the operating system android 2.3 is currently (status: August 2011). The display is located approximately at the level of the iphone 3GS. A battery charge not last much users until the evening. Beginners and spenders get much smartphone for the money with the ideos X 3 with wi-fi and UMTS. (according to the test procedure until october 2014 the test note 2.87 was) best price on the internet: 62,99 euro * this product at amazon order pro right good display android 2.3 WLAN-n and UMTS contra bad camera slowly low battery no memory card included mark of editorial 3,37 satisfying user rating (of 8 reviews).