Ideas for Hen Parties: Blamage Excluded

Slate singing, colorful costumes, and a plump stuffed vest – not every bride would like to spend her hen party. We provide alternatives.

Those who are just before the wedding are traditionally kidnapped by their best friends for a wild evening, where one can not be allowed to apologize for the last time. These wild nights, not infrequently a certain blamage factor, do not conjure up a smile in the face of every fiancée. Here are some tips for a memorable hen party, where embarrassments are not on the agenda.

Honeymoon on horseback

In childhood memories revel, and finally once again do, for which one can assure their loved ones only with difficulty – a weekend at the horse farm. Practically or as a beginner, with the best girlfriends by the nature trot, not only for fun, but is also a sporty alternative to the otherwise usual Kneipentour. Numerous horse farms have specialized in the needs of adults and, besides the rider’s fun, also have a luxurious equipment for the perfect weekend in the women’s weekend.

Start with the girlfriends on the houseboat

For an unforgettable honeymoon, it is often advisable to plan more than one evening. How about a weekend on the houseboat?It is not always necessary to have a boat driving license and to dive around the water for a few days.In a comfortable environment, the stiff breeze can be blown around the nose and the corks can be popped at sunset in the galley.The atmosphere is perfect when the right clothing is on board: blue-white tufted shirts and white sailor jackets for the crew.

A bride picnic over the clouds

What a romantic date is a highlight guarantor will also make an evening with the best girlfriends to something very special:a picnic in airy heights is a somewhat expensive hen party, but the ride with a hot air balloon  from offers not only a breathtaking view, but also an unforgettable experience for the fiance.This includes a full picnic basket and a few bottles of champagne.

Relaxed honeymoon in the wellness hotel

Especially on the wedding day, the bride would like not only to please her future by a radiant appearance, but above all also to feel herself like a princess – and this includes, besides a great hairstyle, a stunning dress and the right make-up also the appropriate charisma including velvet-soft, pure skin. For those who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of having a good time at a spa hotel just before the end of the year, the best friends can not only look forward to the wedding anniversary, but also find the necessary relaxation and rest for the most important day in life.