In Search of Natural Light

If you can’t buy the House of your dreams (which is, of course, always greater than the current), we will try to expand the existing space itself. Magic? No – only minor architectural tricks of those who know the subject.

In Search of Natural Light

To start, make a thorough analysis of every room – is functional, has good circulation, lighting and ventilation. This “Dream-project” should be in accordance with its possibilities and aspirations-a project with durability and longevity.
Fluidity, lightness and natural lighting are the foundations of this new vision and they walk the simplicity, the comfort and the space free of excesses. After all, the environment also needs to “breathe”. The architectural space itself is the main element of an interior Creative Design. Is it going to renew and improve the quality of the property – making it practical and comfortable. The quest for light is the conductive line of this project – whether through expansion of spans of frames, introduction of transparencies and tears in the walls, or large interconnections between rooms or between interior and exterior.

In Search of Natural Light 3

Bay Windows and the expansion of the miter spans (pictured above)
The bigger your input area for the natural light, the greater your energy economy–an important factor in the present day. With the energy crisis, the bay-windows are back in fashion, by the breadth of your area. Check in to your room wall you can find one, remembering that the sill of this type of window is around 45/50 cm, suitable for a nice stool. In rooms, TV rooms or offices, locate the reading area as close as possible to these Windows.

Transparencies (pictured above)
A great advantage of the bathrooms in homes is the ability to have natural lighting and ventilation, unlike apartments, where the mechanical exhaust feature is widely used. But just because they’re bathrooms it is not necessary that your Windows have glazed matte, fantasy or wooden shutters, that block much of the entry of light. Your glass can be transparent-integers, or, if not possible, located at the height of the eye, providing a pleasant view from the outside. Outside, the vegetation should be right next to the window, preventing the gaze of onlookers.

In Search of Natural Light 2
A charming and inexpensive solution to improve the illumination of some rooms is the creation of fixed glass tears, extending the interior space – x, or even between the environments. For the privacy required, micro-persianas will solve the problem.

Interconnections (photo mini-kitchen above)
Various cuisines are just vented through the service areas. According to ledlightsclassified, to open them to the room through openings (the so-called “American kitchen”, with or without glass closures), they too will catch the light in this room that usually has the best view.
In the case of the picture, this micro kitchen has sophisticated equipment, but your main advantage is to be surrounded by light, eliminating completely the claustrophobic feeling that a kitchen with only three square meters would cause. Polycarbonate roof, bascomic Jalousie glass, same material used on the floor of the garden of lilies.

In Search of Natural Light 1
Inside x Outside
You know when the House has an area in the back or on the side of evil harnessed that winds up a deposit? Why don’t you cover it with glass Pergola and use it as dining room, gaining space in living?
The higher the incidence of solar rays in the environment, the smaller should be the spacing between the timbers. Can be thought as well as other features such as the use of Creepers or blinds that are gathered. But let’s face it: dinner in the light of the Moon makes my mouth water!
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