Kitten Eyeliner: 3 Famous Makes to Inspire

The make-up with kitten eyeliner keeps on high and can turn you into the most beautiful guest of the party. Do not know how to wear eyeliner? It’s all right. Here’s a complete guide to cat-eye make-up.

To shine, be inspired by celebrities who also love to wear the kitten eyeliner, both day-to-day and on the red carpet. Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry are fans of the retro style and can serve as role models for their powerful party make. Look that:

  1. Famous for the romantic songs, Taylor Swift is the muse of cute makes.Inspire yourself in the singer’s vintage look and bet on the combination kitten-style black eyeliner with a strong, drawn mouth.

According to MAKEUPNECESSITIES, to go for beauty,  we can correct the imperfections with concealer and base and apply a very soft pink blush on the cheekbones.Make a broad stroke with the eyeliner, occupying much of the moving eyelid.At the bottom, carefully smear some brown shade, to finish the make.

  1. To be sworn in on The X Factor, Demi Lovato bet on a make-up with a nude mouth and made her eyes the focus of attention. With false eyelashes and a LONG mask for eyelashes, she invested in a firm, long line of eyeliner, reaching up to the region of the temples. To complete, the singer blurred brown shadow across the moving eyelid. The result was a cute make of diva!
  2. For those who like to dare and want to create a make bapho, the idea is to be inspired by Katy Perry.And nothing is better than putting color in the production to enhance the makeup and highlight you in the crowd.

Without dispensing the black eyeliner, create a fun make by investing in a double-dash kitten eye.To copy the look, make a fine line with the black eyeliner.Expect to dry well and then make a thicker stroke with the colored eyeliner on top.Finally, bet on the mask for pink lashes and lipstick.

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