Learn To Use Leggings According To Your Body Type

Do you often wear leggings? If you are one of the women who likes to wear that type of pants or are thinking of starting to do it. Let me tell you that before you start doing it, you must take into account your figure and body type. Remember that what you have left to other girls, will not necessarily be with you.

So we help you to know how to use leggings depending on your body type.

1. Circular Body

If your body has a circular shape, you can use any type of leggings, but it is recommended that they be a smooth color and that the top with which combines it is a garment of a single color.

2. Body Is Rectangular

Women who have this type of body can use any type of leggings, without important color or model.

3.- Clock Shape

This type of body is characterized by wide hips. Therefore, it is advisable to wear dark colored leggings and include a belt to the top of your clothing.

4.- Triangle Shape

If you have a body in the shape of a triangle (wider than the hips than the shoulders). It is best to wear clothes that help you hide your hips. For example, a jacket can be a great choice.

5.- Triangle Invested

For bodies resembling the inverted triangle (shoulders broader than the hip), thedresswizard will recommend wearing a spaghetti top and long necklaces so that your shoulders do not look too wide. Also, you could add a jacket to your outfit.