Legging Jeans – How to Use?

The traditional mesh leggings will be strong trend of all seasons of 2011 you’re already bald wonder, but the jeggins? A more up-to-date version of the leggings, they have this name because, blend leggings, with our good old denim, jeans. Ultramegapower adjusted to body, strech reveals tooodas body curves. But now in a way much more modern and funky with fashion that only jeans have.

Legging Jeans - How to Use 1

The feature that most differs from the strech of legging-beyond it being made in jeans-is that a production with the original legging, depending on how it is mounted, you may end up leaving the Academy and face look up sloppy. Using a jegging Pant you don’t run that risk, being perfect for the most basic girls who don’t like a lot of risk, and for the seeking and versatile pieces. With the legging jeans can assemble Visual and countless in different styles. You can be with the jegging Pant, rock, romantic, hippie chic, sexy, etc. However, as we are hyper pasted in body, prefer to use them with loose parts on top – and covering the butt, not to pay for rajendrapatilpatil of funk, huh? Casacões, trench coats, blouses, jackets, natural woven sweaters, maxi cardigans in wool, make a perfect match with the jegging pant.

Legging Jeans - How to Use 2

For inspirations rocker, it’s worth using them with leather jackets, black shirts, perfect style studs and chains on his shoes, purses, bracelets and other accessories. As the navy’s high style, enjoy and mount a production with this trend. Invest in pieces with stripes, buttons, jackets acinturados, peep toes, and blue, red and white. For the more alternatives, the hippie chic tendency or boho, are also complemented with the jegging Pant, which is perfect to make the look more urban, and doesn’t make you look fresh out of a community that freak. Use it with dresses or blouses liberty print large, psychedelic purses with fringe, as necklaces and bracelets and rings with mix of hippie-inspired.

Legging Jeans - How to Use 3

For nightly and more elaborate productions, break the odds of the jeans legging, using more sophisticated parts. Footwear like ankle boots and high heel scarpans, are great. To basic looks, the jegging Pant will make you casual and stylish, if combined with parts that are, at the same time, unique and comfortable, ankle cowboy boots, oxford shoes, boots-flats. Most romantic and delicate productions already, ask for slippers and bright pieces of lightweight fabrics.