Lenovo Smartwatch Magic View

Lenovo Group is the largest manufacturer of personal computers in the world for 2013. ( Broken down in the Wiki ). Majority stake in Lenovo is property controlled by the Chinese government Legend Group Holdings. It will go into this global technology giant absent too likely approaching a market breakthrough “new big thing”.

All observed “portable.” Including Lenovo. Lenovo will likely debut with the first smart device to wear in the near future. We are talking about the end of 2014 or early 2015 (maybe at CES 2015). This was announced in interviews Liu Jun, who was president in the mobile division to Lenovo. Information about these plans is found in the German-speaking tech site Mobile Geeks and popular TechRadar. Only a few months ago by Lenovo they claimed to be intrigued by the new segment of wearable electronics and will monitor it, but no concrete decision to enter into it because they expect greater growth in the coming years. The purchase of the legendary Motorola by Google May changed their opinion. We do not know with Lenovo have worked long-term projects for wearable electronics or yet to develop something, but it’s interesting what time you choose. Whether you use Bracelet LED Watch at CentralledWatch, although so far not been declared as members of the club “Android Wear”? Or will choose the approach of engineers at Sony, who prefer to develop their own “custom” software solutions and interface. Logical and easier option would be the first, because of the good relations and friendship patent (shared over 2,000 patents) along with Google purchase of Motorola Mobility earlier this year.

In Europe and North America Lenovo e-known and recognized for its business computer (PC business of IBM), but is almost unknown mobile (exclude mobile computing from the concept). A Lenovo recently in the Top 5 (various rankings, but are usually 3, 5 or 8 position) of the best-selling mobile phones in China. So may decide to offer your portable electronics initially only in Asia, where they are most familiar with products whose companion would be smart gadgets.

GizmoEra Verdict: the Lenovo already have almost ready for sale smart watch, but under a different brand. These are impressive Moto 360 Motorola’s, although it is fully developed and ready for production in times when the owner was the Motorola Google. It is interesting to have another player on the pitch. Lenovo has been a solid producer of quality products. It will go into the largest supplier of PCs in the world to be absent from the latest (not exactly, but the most promising growing) segment in IT.

The images are from the official website of Lenovo.

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