Long Cardigan for Womens

Cardigan – this little trick, moved in the female arsenal. Really brilliant Earl of vintage cardigan, Internetages, who led the British army, developed by the famous jacket buttoned to their soldiers who froze to build, but have not been able to wear sweaters, not to spoil the look of his uniform .

Now this type of clothing that has become a real woman should have a slightly different look. In the foreground elongated cardigans women not only uniform pattern 50s, but sometimes do not even have buttons, belts that, in terms of military comfort, too impractical.

What to Wear Long Cardigan?

Long cardigan – a real hit of the autumn-winter season. It can reliably, while maintaining the elegance and femininity of the image. This effect is achieved by precise repetition jacket shape of the body. Longer vest pryhoplyuyetsya in cross her a little more harmonious, but it is not disclosed in the vicinity of the breast and thighs. This approach determines the shape visually in the form of “hourglass”, which is considered to be optimal.
The most extended cardigan worn with jeans, but this is probably due to considerations relating to the heat than the limits imposed by this type sweaters to choose style. If you wish, you can combine a vest with a long dress or skirt-pencil knee. Also looks good with classic jackets pants, but in this case it is better to pay attention to is not the longest model will best vest mid-thigh. But the combination of short base should be avoided in order not to forget that the main objective vest – it’s warm. Tightly it short dress to keep warm, it’ll look ridiculous, violating the integrity of the alleged crime.

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