Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection

The Louis Vuitton style enchanted the Principality of Monaco with a collection dedicated to the refined woman and lover of luxury.

Louis Vuitton, the presence of the Princess Charlene and Prince Albert, brought the catwalk in Montecarlo its Cruise Collection 2015, signed for the second time by the famous French fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director of the French brand since last 2013.

The event was as prestigious and picturesque location on Palace Square of Monaco and it happened to coincide with the  Cannes Film Festival, a happy coincidence that has enriched the “parterre” of the parade with many characters and star in the world of international cinema.

The beautiful French Riviera, loved by Louis Vuitton, with interest and a bit of curiosity, unique and luxurious collection Cruise 2015 the French fashion house, which exhibits as always refined atmosphere and a considerable elegance.

The LV 2015 collection

The collection of Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 is ambivalent: elegant and refined yet lively and colorful. Inspired by the elegance typical mood of the 70’s , Louis Vuitton brings to the stage unique garments, distinguished by fine details (embroideries, inlays, metal accessories), the bright color (lemon yellow, pink, orange, red coral, turquoise…) the materials in patent leather and metallized and the glamorous fantasies but always highly sought after and not at “discounted”, as the flowers oversized graphics, effects, optical black & white, the lines, the waves and damier chess (typical of Louis Vuitton).

The unmistakable tailoring and perfect lines of the garments, make this rich collection Cruise 2105 adapts to a careful demanding woman to her look in any occasion, from a purely formal to the more “easy” and informal means to recreate an urban style from strong personality.

Unique and plays of color combinations

From blouses and shirts to dresses, from full skirt / slim pants in a loud and life jacket to dress coat, in each model proposed we see a unique choice of style and unparalleled, and the same concept is transmitted by the jaws even in the purely dedicated to bags the Cruise Collection 2015 , where triumph the clutch and hand bag enhanced by unique details and fantasies painted on the skin.

The various leaders of the Cruise 2015 collection designed by Ghesquière are also “interchangeable” with each other: in fact a polo shirt with a sporty mood in bright shades of gold goes well with a skirt or high-waisted trousers according to HEALTHVV, creating a stylish outfit that does not It goes unnoticed, as well as a sleek leather jacket creates a perfect and harmonious union with a soft, lightweight silk skirt.