Medion Akoya P7624 (MD98970)


In the Medion laptop Akoya P7624 (MD98970) a core i5 ensures tempo 2450M (Sandy Bridge) from Intel. He has two cores, each working at 2.5 gigahertz. Office programs such as Word and Excel and the video -, photo -, music editing, the processor got a good grade (2.26) in the haste. Programs with high memory consumption benefited from the lush memory (8 GB) and ran even faster (Note: 2.17). The closely related MD98920 there was in January at Aldi for 549 euros, got better grades despite i3 processor. The reason: The test requirements were tightened. Actually, the current Aldi notebook is a good 20 percent faster.

Graphics performance

NVIDIA’s Optimus technology, the economical onboard graphics chip HD takes over 3000 simple graphical requirements. More power is needed, the NVIDIA graphics processor with a gigabyte (GB) memory is used. In the test, the GeForce GT brought 630 M in DirectX 9/10/11 on average 24/17/17 frames per second on the screen note: 3.78 (sufficient). For a liquid presentation not enough current games with power-hungry filters in full resolution. The test criteria, see the article COMPUTER determined image of the pace of the game.

Medion Akoya P7624 (MD98970)

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the screen shows the usual 17.3-inch devices (43,80 cm diagonal) resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. Thanks to good antireflection coating, annoying reflections are not an issue.

Housing and operating

The lid and the keyboard bezel are shiny, the bottom consists of a matte, non-slip, black plastic. The key spacing is big enough, comfortable typing texts. The arrow keys are placed in the number pad. Matt touchpad is comfortable to use and supports multitouch: enlarge images, with two fingers.

Windows performance index

The scale ranges from 1.0 (badly) to 7.9 (good). The lowest rating of part of determines the performance index (highlighted in blue). Component was what rated evaluation processor calculations/s 7.0 RAM storage/s 7.4 graphics desktop performance 5.4 graphics (games) gaming graphics performance 6.7 Primary HDD data transfer rate 5.7 Aldi Nord: technology offerings in the original prospectus browse
Aldi Süd: Technology Offerings in the Original Prospectus browse

Volume and battery life

The notebook remained even with compute-intensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop element still quietly, maximum noise level increased to 1.2 sone. In the test, the battery showed a decent performance: over three hours at work and almost five hours watching movies are good values for a 17-inch device. The charging time is two hours.

Storage, data exchange, and accessories

Wi-Fi (n-standard), Bluetooth and a 466 GB hard drive are on board. Whenever you install a second drive or a fast SSD (an expansion slot is available). Also there: four USB ports (two USB 3.0) and a webcam in the monitor frame. A DVB-T-TV adapter (Creatix CTX1938) and a compact spongy-key remote control are included.

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Operating system, software

In addition to Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit), the operating system offers the Akoya fast boot. This will begin in just six seconds and is enough for surfing the Internet. In addition, a comprehensive software package is installed. In addition to Microsoft Office Starter 2010, there are burning programs and software to the image and video processing.

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Conclusion: Medion Akoya P7624 (MD98970

The 17-inch notebook Medion Akoya P7624 (MD98970) from Aldi is quick and enduring. Many games run around, current 3D-Actionkracher are choppy. The display is pleasantly anti-reflective, the housing must shine. According to the previous evaluation criteria the speed of top grades earned, even with the significantly stricter test requirements, the pace of work is good. Given the extensive equipment with core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 630M, DVB-T receiver, USB 3.0 ports, expansion slot, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is the Akoya P7624 (MD98970) a very good deal.

Pro high pace of work good battery life anti-glare screen DVB-T receiver free expansion slot two USB 3.0 ports contra test note of editors not present

price: 699 euro, sales start at Aldi Nord: 4 April 2012.

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