Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Jewelry

Bracelet, necklace, earrings, rings assorted…, isn’t a bit too much?

The majority of the fashionistas will tell you the adornment of jewelry, it is insured misstep, unless you follow some rules to the letter.

A set of jewelry?

Yes, but dissociated!

You have a crush on an adornment of jewelry which you have loved the shape, material or color? But to watch, a pair of earrings, a necklace with a pendant, a bracelet and a brooch, it starts to make a lot! To avoid too heavily laden Christmas tree effect, you don’t perhaps have to wear all these jewelry at the same time. You can even separates them and associate them with other accessories that you keep stored in your jewelry box. Of course, it always observe rule no. 1 which is one of moderation. Not issue wearing a breastplate with dangling earrings necklace ! But you can give free rein to your imagination when playing with the colors, forms and materials. If the ornament itself is a bit dated today, it however offers new perspectives of creation!

A set of jewelry, in what circumstances?

You will understand that wear a complete to go to the office adornment of jewelry is not the best idea that is. On the other hand, certain occasions can to lend more. More the circumstances is important, the more elements of the set can be great! After all, why not? But then, you have to fully assume your exuberant side. There’s nothing worse than wearing jewelry with gene. Others will notice it immediately. And it is so that you will make the long-dreaded fashion missteps. Also remember that the more you wear jewelry, more your outfit will have to be sober to balance your look.

A set of jewelry for her wedding?

If there is a value that the adornment of jewelry always vehicle, it’s romance. What better then than wearing jewelry matching for the happiest day of his life? Of course, the choice of adornment must reflect the personality of the bride and fit in perfectly with her dress. It is often preferable to stay in tones of white or cream, slightly enhanced by silver or gold shades. Attention, you must wear no other than that of your engagement ring and your alliance. Your ornament jewelry should not contain this element. You should also avoid dangling earrings if you intend to put a necklace.Therefore choose more discreet models. But in general trimmings designed especially for brides already avoid these pitfalls! How do I know whether it is an adornment of jewelry for wedding? This type of jewelry generally includes a headband!