Models of Women’s Belts for Use in Winter

Models Of Belts For Winter 2013-Trends

The belt is one of the most common accessories and useful too, especially when the intention is to value a piece or give prominence to waist. If you also can’t live without her and intends to renew the stock, check out what are the most suitable models for use this winter:

Leather belt with metal plates-this type of belt has made very successful today, especially after appearing often in looks of the character, the novel Salve Jorge Bassam. They are great for use at the waist of the pants, shirts or blouses on the inside;

Metal plate with elastic belt-the model of metal belt is on the rise for some time and since popularized in more accessible stores became a necessary accessory for the looks. They are quite suitable for sophisticated productions or night events;

Leather belt with spikes-spikes are the height of fashion, so I couldn’t get out of the belts. The fine leather belts, medium or thick arise with the application of these little pieces of metal. Can be used at the waist of pants, shorts and skirts, dresses and blouses garden plus more soltinhas;

Wide leather belt with metal buckle and pedrarias–this model ever been belt between the trends for a long time and now is back in fashion. Are great for hippie-chic looks, with flared jeans and white shirt, super basic and beautiful at the same time.