Mountain Hardwear Lamina 35 Sleeping Bag

Technical data and characteristics of the sleeping bag Mountain Hardwear Lamina 35.

  • Sleeping bag for man, shaped mummy.
  • Outer fabric 40D Nylon Micro ripstop.
  • Internal tissue taffeta in polyester 40D (100% polyester).
  • Synthetic fiber padding  Thermal Q.
  • Hood with zipper.
  • Double pull zip the entire length.
  • Protection board to prevent entry of cold from the zip.
  • DWR waterproofing .
  • Also it is granted a bag for the vacuum and to be able to keep.
  • Declared weight 1070g, even something less to the test scale.
  • Available sizes: Long (213 cm) and normal (198 cm).
  • Compressed volume: 15x28cm, 4.2 liters.
  • Temperature rating : Ideal: 5 °

Usage limit: 0 °

Upper limit: -16 °


  • Light and warm, it is precisely what every hiker looking when they need a sleeping bag. With its 1kg weight and its 5° temperature, the foil 35 of the Mountain Harwear is a product that looks interesting from the first moment. Until now, I had only used sleeping bags with padding natural or comforters, and I had never paid much attention to the quality of synthetic coatings, which have good resistance to moisture and are on the market at a price reasonable.
  • The foil 35 is actually lighter and more, is compact but is still far from the prototype of synthetic sacks; we can say it best when you go bivouac. The 500 or 600 grams less weight makes it more comfortable when making long walks or over longer distances.
  • As for the volume, within the average of the products in this category for the ideal temperature. Although the compressibility is not the strong point of from synthetic, that of the foil 35 remains relatively similar to the sleeping bags on the duvet. The bag usually takes up little space. Related: how to choose camping gear.
  • The outer fabric , tear resistant and treated to be waterproof, gives a lot of confidence.
  • The closure on the side is well thought out and it is quite solid.
  • The sleeping bag has a small external pocket , suitable for earplugs or headlamp.
  • Tried to minimum temperature of 6° , very close to the ideal temperature also recognized by the manufacturer, comfort and warmth we were actually post those expected. The Mountain Hardwear has conceived the padding according to the Lamina technology that does not provide for seams between coating compartments, there are no thermal bridges or between the compartments or with the outside, and this ensures an optimal isolation. Only slept with a shirt and a pair of pants you will not have cold 6th. Completely shutting down jacket and cap creates a very convenient area, also ideal to those temperatures which had been announced by the manufacturer; however, I would not venture to use it below 5 °, at least not s’indossino of thermal clothing Merino to sleep and this might be a good weight management strategy in the bag to have more comfort in temperatures between 0 ° and 5 °.
  • To the test on a rainy night, the bag has resisted very well to moisture.
  • The DWR treatment protects well and the humidity is out of the duvet. Immersing the foil 35 in the water for 5 minutes the water has not penetrated.


Good moisture resistance.

Good relationship between the weight and warmth.



Expensive in Italy 

The Lamina 35 Mountain Hardwear is a great sleeping bag suitable for 2/3 seasons. The product has won for us right now, it is a good sleeping bag suitable for hikers who want to optimize the weight, without sacrificing impermeability.

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