My Backpacking Trip

There was once a girl who went with her mother to take her grandmother to the bus station. She saw two young men carrying huge backpacks from Transporthint on their backs and, without even knowing for sure what it was, said, “Mom, that’s what I want to be when I grow up” kkk. And that’s how my backpacking story started. And today I decided to tell you about the backpacking trip I did between 2008 and 2009 and that was the great incentive for me to create this blog and find my way into the profession of journalist.

How did the idea

At 15 years of age I started to create the desire to know Australia. I read and read a lot and fell in love with the country more and more. He devoured a magazine in one sitting.She was an assiduous reader of a blog called “Operation Kangaroo – a madman in Australia,” which today I do not think exists anymore. My wish was to spend a couple of years bicho-grilando around the country and then return to Brazil full of history to tell (#vidaloka! Kkk). It would be nice if it were that easy, but over time I discovered that for that to happen it took a lot more than I wanted.

Starting with age … At first I wanted to make the trip after I graduated from high school.When that time came, I was not ready to face the world and my parents were still less.

Another question was the way of entry into the country … Australia controls the access and stay of foreigners there. The tourist visa is well coiled to take and only allows the stay for three months. To stay longer than this period you must be enrolled in a course or be hired by a local company. And I did not want anything or anyone to arrest me in one city. I wanted to be free to decide how, when and where to tour.

And finally, of course: grana! He needed to raise money.

And then, as time went by, I went to work, accustoming my parents to the idea and maturing the way to realize that dream. I joined the journalism faculty and then, with my head in place and savings being made, I planned that I would make the trip to Australia alone and backpack after I finished my studies.

How I prepared myself

I started pooling money from my first internship at age 18. The first change I kept was $ 30, I remember until today! And I also remember that my mother encouraged me with the phrase that was handled and personalized by her that gave me so much strength “from grain to grain the chicken fills up and from money to money Juliana goes to Australia”. Hehe. Fofa, right?

I decided that I would enter Australia with the tourist visa and then, inside, I would try to find another way to extend my stay (even though it would not happen).

I continued to research the country and travel alone, and by the time I finished college with my 22 freshly made, I knew by heart and skipped everything I needed. I was confident, confident and willing to put into practice everything I learned in years of planning.

In early 2008, with passage to Sydney already purchased for March, passport, vaccines and visa ready, I received an invitation that would further increase my trip. I was invited by a friend to take advantage of leaving Brazil and working in a bar in Spain during the summer season in Europe before arriving in Australia. I then moved on to Australia for a few more months, included Europe in my script and left in June 2008 for the trip of my dreams.

The script

The initial planning was to stay six months off: 3 months in Europe and 3 months in Australia. I left Brazil with the intercontinental tickets purchased: South America-Europe | Europe-Oceania | Oceania-Europe | Europe-South America. There was already date of departure and arrival of each place (even if the last passage – the one to return to Brazil – was postponed in two more months). The bulk of the script was this, now what I would do with the stuffing of the trip would only be programmed during the backpacking.

I then worked for two months as a bar tender on the island of Menorca, Spain. It was an amazing experience! From there, I began the journey through Europe that would last a month. I started with a week of planning already planned and the rest I decided with the passing of days. I did then: Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Toledo, in Spain; In France, Paris; In the Netherlands, Amsterdam; In Germany, Berlin; And in Italy, Rome and Florence.

Already with three months in the road, I took the expected flight to Australia with right of chororô on board kkk. Meeting the rules of the tourist visa, I stayed two months in Sydney (the idea was to stay a week! Think if I did not like it ?!) and another month traveling the east coast of the country. It was the pinnacle of backpacking!

About to close the trip, a telephone conversation with my father instigated me to enjoy that I was in Oceania and also to know New Zealand. He rolled up a message of courage, “Are you there on the side and will not jump bungy jump?” And a very welcome team.And there I went to spend 18 days in New Zealand.

At last, the direction of the trip resumed the course for Brazil. On the way, I stopped for another 20 days in Singapore and had an intense day of sightseeing in London while I waited for the flight of the stopover.

Blog ‘The Simpsons’

I created a blog before traveling with the intention of keeping my family informed about the course of the trip and ensuring my mother’s sleep. Almost every day at night I had an appointment with the notebook that I carried during the whole trip in the back to tell a little of my day and post some photos. The family was informed and the cool thing was that other people who did not know me also started to follow the blog and sent me messages of encouragement along the way. I felt like a kkk net celebrity! Who wants to know click here.

Realized dream

Difficult to summarize in a paragraph everything that this trip meant, but as I wrote in the last post of the blog of the backpack: “From everything I saw and lived are the victory of the realization of a dream, memories of magic moments and surprising places, short friendships But intense and the only feeling of gratitude for the opportunity. ”

And this is the story of my first backpack, people! What I want most with this post is to encourage anyone who has a dream, whether it be a trip, get married or buy a bike, to face it to the end. The reward goes far beyond what one imagines.