Nail Polish Trends

It has never been so difficult to choose a single color as a strong tendency for early 2011, after all, several brands have already launched their spring/summer 2011 collections and each brings something new and a different line. Despite the strong and vibrant colors are the face of summer and be part of most collections of various brands of glazes we will also find neutral colors and light tones to please women more romantic and more classical.

But the strong trend for the colors of glazes for summer 2011 has the back of colors fluorine and those 3D holographic nail polish that some international brands are already bringing to Brazil after submit their collections at the cosmetic Beauty Fair 2010 according to

Glazes with glitter are discarded at least for the beginning of 2011. Ultra pigemtadas colors and colored glaze in shades of yellow, blue, green, yellow, gray, pink, Orange and neon shades promise to be the hit of the most anticipated season of the year.

We have many choices of colors of glaze for use and abuse of creativity this summer 2011 from neurtas romantic colors until extremely hot and vibrant colors.Just drop your imagination and choose the color that most favors. We can call it a spring/summer 2011 highly where anything is possible democratic the important thing is to find your own style!