Naomi Watts Gray Party Dress: Wedding Gown

Check Out Naomi Watts Gray Party Dress Options And Get Inspired For Your Next Wedding Party!

Naomi Watts is an Anglo-Australian actress with a long career in film and television, especially in the horror and suspense films. Her latest success was in the film “The Impossible,” based on the tsunami tragedy in Southeast Asia in 2004. Recently, at a gala event, Naomi Watts wore a beautiful gray dress, full of embroidery, which valued her curves. The inspiration for today’s post comes from this party dress, so show up party dress options by Naomi Watts Gray. Check it out!

The gray party dress of Naomi Watts has as its main element the embroideries that cover it completely, outlining the curves even more. In addition, the modeling of this dress also delineates the curves very well, being able to evidence the greasy ones. It is worth mentioning that the transparencies in the lap and sleeves are fundamental to make the look lighter.

Naomi Watts Gray Party Dress Tips!

The online stores specializing in party dresses have few options ofgray party dress, this is why this color is not much used at parties.But there is always the option of looking for silver but discreet party dresses, replacing the gray dresses. Check out below some options of Naomi Watts gray party dress and get inspired for your next party!

Gray Party Dress Options By Naomi Watts


This gray party dress has as its main highlight embroidery and elegant modeling. The embroidery is essential to highlight the V neckline and bust, leaving the breasts a little larger. In addition, flashy elements at the top of the trunk help to highlight the face. Already the modeling has as main highlight the loose skirt, which does not mark the belly and leaves the look comfortable.


This gray party dress is ideal for graduations, because it has enough shine on the top. These sparkles draw attention to the breasts and lap. However, the neckline will fall for women who do not have very large breasts, as it does not support the region. In addition, it highlights the skirt, which is loose, managing to hide the fat from the belly and hip.


This gray party dress mixes discretion and elegance with modern details. The actuality of this party dress is given by the application of lace on the sides of the dress.  According to Weddinginfashion, the elegance of the wedding gown  is due to the crossed neck V, which enhances the breasts and still gives an extra volume, by the waist outlined, which leaves the body more harmonious, and slightly skirt loose.


This gray party dress is very different from the others, its main highlight being the embroidery, which practically covers it. That way, the embroideries delineate the curves a lot and can give extra silhouette to the silhouette, so stay tuned. However, it is these same embroideries that make this dress catch the attention, being an ideal dress for graduations.