New Images of HTC One Smartphone Design Anticipating X 9

Just a few days ago we got to see the new HTC One X 9 (E56), the next smartphone HTC midrange waited for the first mid-2016. Contrary to what is suggested at first, One X 9 will not be a high-end terminal and adopt a much more similar to that of hardware One A9, with a list price probably lower.

Today we’re back speaking of One X 9 on the first render emerged through the famous portal of micro blog Weibo, which begin to circulate the alleged images of the new HTC device. Then we find a photo showing front and back of the device in two colors -silver and charcoal.

You can also take a look at the back of One X 9 and the new design adopted for the upper, with a section dedicated to the camera that invokes what has already been seen on Nexus 6 peven though in this case there should be no element in glass. Curious also the arrangement of the dual LED flash, which appears rotated 90° than usual.

The front of HTC One X 9 is best described by the second image, which we certainly welcome news to the most critical features towards the famous bands present in the frames of many HTC. finds the relocation of the logo at the top and a complete set of soft touch keys placed outside of the display, all to the advantage of the optimization of space.

There are also what appear to be two front speakers, but for the moment it’s too early to tell if they are both. We remain so pending more details on One X 9.