New Ipad: Love And Hate The Buyer

The US research company doused not long: Little that was new apple ipad on the market change wave asked already new owners to their satisfaction with the new tablet-star. In the COMPUTER image test convinced the ipad with its high-resolution retina display and fast A5X processor. It wasn’t long however until there was problem reports: The apple novice heat up in an intense operation to strongly and the wi-fi connectivity is not sufficient, some users. Described.


200 users change wave respondents were between 22 and march 28, 2012 as their opinion. Clear result: (almost) all are happy about the new apple ipad. 82 percent indicated that they are very satisfied with the tablet, 16 percent are, after all, still somewhat satisfied. Thus remain only two percent, which failed to convince the new device.

New ipad: Problem reports and laboratory test compared

Best Properties

The researchers wanted to know specifically why customers are so excited and wondering what the people at best on the new ipad. Also this answer was unequivocal: 75 percent find the display super. Far teed off on the next three places are each about 20 percent the long battery life, the 4G-LTE-kompatibilität (which is unfortunately useless in germany) and the speed of the processor.

The new apple ipad

20 photos equipment details to the apple tablet criticism points
but also an apple tablet is not perfect. The respondents also said what they don’t like on the new device. The price is at the front: 26 percent hold him too high. 23 percent criticize the costs for the internet connection, eight per cent weight and mass are too small the flash memory to big and just as many customers.

Overheating problem?

The survey was also explicitly to become loud criticism, ipad heat up too much, a. The surveyed ipad owners saw is not a problem: Only 4 percent answered that they found the temperature somewhat problematic after a long time of operation. The detailed report of the survey is currently not accessible. But, the results of the survey are summarized on the company website. (vk)