Nine Beauty Trends Showing That The World Is Crazy

Thanks to the social networks trends are born in a manner consistent, when even we are replacing the previous comes a new, each more striking, original or shocking… Do not really know if these trends come by the thirst for attention, for being the first in create a fashion (of course, with your hashtag included) or simply are trends that show that the world is not as well as we thought…

My Little Pony

A photo posted by Kirstyn Yanniello (@kirstyn_yanniello) Feb 16, 2016 (s) 6:39 PST

The last crazy braids trend It is look it, planted well near the front to simulate being a Unicorn. Dye the hair in colorful shades and cakes It helps a lot to get that look of fantasy that both reminds us of my little Pony. All crazy, all told, a hairstyle that I doubt there is much that we see on the street, now well, to recognize that his job has been.

Hairy nail

But what is this? hairy nails! Fashions may be patent is very mad with this latest trend in nail art, just exit the gateway they offer us a manicure * full hair *, the thing gives grima… I just hope to stay on the runway and of course that the hair is not authentic.

Cut 80 years

A photo published by Zendaya (@zendaya) Feb 15, 2016 (s) 5:09 PST

Yes, we know it, the 80s were great artistically speaking but terrible in terms of fashion is concerned (and hair style no longer speak…) It seems that you one of their courts more fetish, the mullet, begins to see among the celebrities as it is the case of Zendaya or Scarlett Johansson. The Court consists of lead hair short at the top and long neck.

Freckles of colors

A photo published by DOM. • (@dominiqueldr) 3 Feb 2016 (s) 8:04 PST

The truth is that freckles they are very cool but that bring freckles of colors already is another thing, for dress-up or a special celebration is great but take it as if a daily make-up they were because that I do not see it… you will reach the street or won’t be a crazy fashion more than Instagram?

Take curls down the street

Lifetime trying to that we don’t caught with put rollers and suddenly become the most to go out, as if it were an attachment it. That Yes, for now it seems that only girls of Liverpool have encouraged this trend as absurd. What will be the next, would be the facial mask to shopping?

Armpits of colors

A photo posted by ❤(иαтυяαℓ бєαυтιєѕ) ❤ (ॐ) (@hairypitsclub) 14 Apr, 2015 (s) 10:04 PDT

At the time we told you about underarm colors (even we are replacing the shock). Of course that each do what they want as if hung beads, but nice what is beautiful is not…

Atracadoras on the beach

None of sunscreens of high protection for the face, the best guard to prevent facial spots and is already causing anger in countries like China or Japan is Beach Balaclava, more mas conocido known as Facekini, everything is by looking pristine and white skin, without a single spot, definitely going to another level…

Tattooed eyes

A photo published by Sara Night (@sara_tattoo) 28 Jul 2015 (s) 1:56 PDT

When one does not know how to draw attention, and it has tried everything, gets to do things in the most crazy, absurd and dangerous to go one step further and feel different, like fashion dyeing the eyeball. Both colors as in dark tones to simulate depth.

UPS, something goes in my head

Another fashion that comes from the East and Raritan is a while is the get a seedling in the head as if there a seed sprouted us, China triumphed by very rare as us it seems, that once more realize us how different we are culturally.

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