OPI Nail Stickers Reviews

OPI unveils his new project: Pure Lacquer Nail Apps, the newest nail stickers!

The brand goes a step further and, as they did Sephora with its Nal Patch and Essence with Fashion sticker line, creates a line for adhesive enamels really missed nails!

With this new line of nail stickers nail OPI rides the nail art craze and created subjects are a clear demonstration plots animal, floral and graphic for all tastes!

The formula OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps also, is of 100% true enamel, the quality and the authentic manicure effect are guaranteed along with all the benefits of an adhesive enamel: ease of application, no waiting for drying, zero chipping and long lasting.

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, vice president of OP, commented on the brand new OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps: “The nail sticker has become very popular in recent times and with these adhesives enamels you can get a unique nail art at wholesale price in its kind, which can not be replicated by hand!”. The plots of the new sticker glazes of OPI, in fact, are so amazing that it’s like having the small works of art at your fingertips!

The line adhesives glazes Pure Lacquer Nail Apps by OPI is composed of 14 different styles divided in 7 shades from cream finish and 7 brilliant finish. Let’s see the OPI nail stickers:

–  PINK & BLACK Lace, cremoso;
–  PEACOCK, cremoso;
–  METALLIC WAVES, brillante
–  REPTILE, cremoso;
–  PINK & SILVER LACE, brillante;
–  FISHNET, cremoso.

–  GIRLY GLAM, brillante;
–  ZIG ZAG SPARKLE, brillante;
–  SEQUINS, brillante;
–  PARISIAN, cremoso;
–  GOLD LACE, brillante;
–  GEOMETRIC SPARKLE, brillante;
–  FLORAL, cremoso.

Available from next month, the price for each set of stickers enamels OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps will be about 15.00 euros.

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