Leather Clothing to Mount Looks 3 Years Ago

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Leather is a material that has been used in women’s clothing currently, mostly in black, which is the most basic, traditional and desired. Are several options for use both in everyday life and in more elaborate occasions, as in looks.
Here are some tips on how to use the parts in black leather:
The leather pieces are no longer just used in the cold season, now there are also many ways to use this material in looks. Thinking that many brands have created models of skirts, shorts and dresses also in ecological leather, remembering that the leather is not as high as they used to. The fashion now is to bet on leather-looking parts. Continue reading Leather Clothing to Mount Looks 3 Years Ago

How To Use Cropped Top

Tips on how to use cropped top
The cropped top, for who doesn’t know, is a type of blouse that makes part of the belly. He has this very high in the years 90 and now returned with everything to fashion. Despite leaving part of the body, this is a very feminine and delicate. See how to use the cropped top and mount looks beautiful to wear this spring:
As has been said, the cropped top is a top that leaves part of the belly on display and for the visual look nice, and anything vulgar, it is advisable to always use combined with a higher waist, is a short, a skirt, anyway, whatever you want. Continue reading How To Use Cropped Top

Collection Spring and Summer 2015 Of Liquid

Liquid 2015 summer collection
The liquid is a brand of leisurewear, beach and fitness that is gaining more and more prominence and customers. This year, the brand decided to call the actress Leandra Leal, who is in the air on Rede Globo with the Empire novel, to star in the company of spring and summer. Check out:

The new collection comes with the theme My Summer Net” which has inspiration in sets of years 60 and 70, bringing a more retro the footprint looks, with scarves in their hair, and many boddys. The collection comes with a weather more hippie chic, boho and flower power. Continue reading Collection Spring and Summer 2015 Of Liquid

A Peek Into The First Store Of Daniel Cassin In Brazil

Donna had already sung the stone: the Uruguayan designer Daniel Cassin opened the first shop in Brazil this month. The site chosen was the third floor of the shopping Praia de Belas, in Porto Alegre. We went through there to spy if the parts arrived here are two sisters, famous for looks nice with friendly prices.
Color separation: point to the Daniel Cassinand to all the other stores that also adopt the practice. Choose an outfit for the favorite color makes it a lot easier the purchase moment arriving at a place determined to search for a specific piece (a red sweatshirt, a green shirtmilitary).

Continue reading A Peek Into The First Store Of Daniel Cassin In Brazil

Winter Fashion 2016 To Meet The Main Trends

When the subject and we know that fashion trends change very quickly from season to season and from year to year are released new trends, some times are repaginadas past trends with only a few changes which gives us that feeling of Deja vu.
Winter is one of the year’s expected for fashionistas mainly by the ability to create multiple styles after all this time of year people are far more elegant and well dressed. Much of our reference sets out the international brands that end up showing the new colors, prints and patterns that will dictate the current trend of the season. And winter 2016 is essential to confer the international and national fashion shows to go observing what is tendency in every season, this way you will harvesting opinions and news from experts on trends presented. Continue reading Winter Fashion 2016 To Meet The Main Trends

Inspiration: The Muses Who Shone At The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Outdoor event is the perfect opportunity to put that cute little dress out of the closet. And this is exactly the piece chosen by almost all the beautiful who went through the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, an event which happened on Saturday afternoon at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, in the United States.
Always the best-dressed lists, Lupita Nyong’o chose a model printed in black and white designer Alexander McQueen. With waist well marked, the outfit shot won an even more retro air with the heart-shaped neckline. To protect the spring sun, the actress opted for a hat. Chic! Continue reading Inspiration: The Muses Who Shone At The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

MTV Movie Awards: The 5 Best Looks Of The Awards

While the MET is not enough (Incidentally, note in the schedule: the event is scheduled for May 5 day), we are following what the famous are wearing on the red carpets around. Less formal than the traditional party fashionista of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the MTV Movie Awards met stars at night this Sunday in Los Angeles.
We have selected the best 5 looks of singers and actresses on the American television network awards. Come and see:
No extravagance this time! Rita Ora chose a pretty sophisticated model stylist gaúcha Barbara Casasola, who lives in London. The singer and actress has combined the decotadíssimo dress with a clutch, and fun, a mix of rings. The look was topped with red lipstick and blond hair gained the tips wavy effect. Continue reading MTV Movie Awards: The 5 Best Looks Of The Awards

See What Are The Parts That We Should Not Use After 30.

Be fashionable goes beyond following the trends of each season, one must understand some parts must also be left aside when we just passed 30 years ago. Today broke up a basic list of clothes that must leave the store and clothing donated to her friends or even sold in that thrift store for not being more consistent with your age as much as you are with everything on top and the body is apparently less need to start taking certain positions to confront the new stage of a mature woman.
Among the pieces that must be forgotten after 30 years we can highlight the t-shirts with animal prints and the Hello Kitty pajamas, clothes with footprint very childish and romantic excess should also be forgotten for good. Check out the tips and put them into practice. Continue reading See What Are The Parts That We Should Not Use After 30.