Purses Shoulder Strap

I’ve always been kind of punani on scholarship, you know, I have pet peeve with heavy bag by nature, man bag, bag filling too much, bag that grabs the hair (you know? lol), I have a list of requirements before purchasing the stock market, have to go through the default quality Thieli, lol.

In the early days of my adolescence only wore backpack, little by little I was migrating to the shoulder bags (they have to handle greater and can be used in cross-body) and when I went to see, was already using mega super heavy style Doctor bags hanging from the shoulder. Thank God I never use those structured Totes, which are hung in the forearm, to me that’s the height of difficulty to move with a bag, lol.

When Theo was born I had a huge difficulty equilbrar baby, baby bag and purse from the mother at the time of leaving the House, was almost a trial by fire! There I rediscovered the purses shoulder strap and I don’t know use something else! You can see that in my looks that post here on the blog, almost 100% is shoulder bag.

The best thing about them, in my view, is the practicality. Like most is lightweight, hangs on the shoulder or cross body and you don’t even remember that you have to carry the bag. The downside is the size, if you want to load any more, since it is difficult, but you can also use the bags bag with long strap that replaces model well.

I have several models, from the most classic colored and I can tell you that goes well with everything! It really is the most practical and I still like more handbags that have an external side pocket for storing a cell phone and keys to further facilitate the life! Is a scholarship that combines 100% with my lifestyle.

Not the bag holding the preference of women, is a bag that often left in stores and will promote, lol, I bought some and all super beautiful! Recently I have found some super cute and super fair priced for the quality (say very good quality and price still good) on Samuel, with good stuff and details super neat.

Find also many purses shoulder strap on Zara with even better prices, but with shorter shelf life, lol, usually last from 3 to 6 months, because the leather begins to spend, but for R$99 the real R$130 last about 120 days, gives an account of average actual $1 a day, which makes it worth a lot!

I found some super cool online models:


Market 33

Market 33

Luiza Barcelos


And you? Like this style of handbags?