Ray-Ban Sunglasses in Summer

Sunglasses are for the summer, they are not only protection but also a fashion accessory. Just the new collection by Ray-ban. Ray-Ban sunglasses are cult and pleasure, to enjoy the summer. With new models and cool colors.

A really outstanding new model is the original WAYFARER PATCHWORK, she impresses with an appropriate eye-catching glass color your colorful design to the famous frame selected and one is the eye-catcher of the beach. With this new ray ban sunglasses, you can not only protect themselves from UV rays, can be also attention.

In the new collection by Ray-Ban, the WAYFARER is UP SURF also hypes model. The other new models, are also top in execution and design. The model ERIKA, CHRIS and DYLAN are to name a few. ERIKA is blue and has a metal bracket that United is a real interesting contrast with Sun glasses. As with the right sun tan color in the face and that, just something special in the world of sunglasses is blue. The model DYLAN has a red version and the jars are bottom without frame. A model of what makes appropriate processing quality, the wearer something special. These examples make it feel like summer and glasses by Ray-ban.

Of course, there’s also this year again well-known models that look fabulous through new colour combinations.Sunglasses by ry-ban are something quite extraordinary. The classic frames are just cool according to programingplease. Whether Aviator sunglasses or classic Horn-rimmed glasses, Ray ban is this only to the cult. The lettering on the bracket makes only perfect the cult object. Also the colors of the glasses make you want to summer, many variations are possible. Once green sun glasses, mirrored or red, many ways to score points with this practical fashion accessories.
The version of the Aviator, the so called Aviator sunglasses model makes it much here. Ray-Ban offers some highlights this summer in the new collection. The RB4184 is a classic model in black. It adapts to touch the face shape and by your black look, the carrier makes just plain cool.

Ray-ban has come up again a lot himself, so that you are protected on the beach or in the Sun, the one before the rays of the Sun, but on the other hand, so that you immediately stand out. These models are a model fashion resource, for every request, 22 new models offer the right for you. And with different glass colors, more possibilities are conceivable. Each ray-ban glasses is almost unique, these glasses protect and decorate and especially will not be bored this summer.