Renewed Store with Lighting and Painting

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to revitalize and enhance an environment. As in this case, in which the store was renovated just with a simple change in lighting and painting.

Renewed Store with Lighting and Painting

In a store, it is important to highlight the products more than for any other element of the space. And that didn’t happen in this environment, we had luminaires with a kind of general lighting, installed in the ceiling that points more lit up the beams of the ceiling and the walls of the environment itself.

Renewed Store with Lighting and Painting 3

According to ZEPHYRLEDLIGHTS.COM, the light fixtures were replaced by led lamps, lamps that create focused light and not heat up as the Dichroic, not to melt the candles sold at the site. This focus of light highlights and enhances the shelves with products for sale, in addition to delimit more clearly the paths of movement, which are areas that are a little darker, and create an ambiance more cozy.

Renewed Store with Lighting and Painting 2

In addition, the yellowish color of the walls was replaced by a color more drought, more greyish, to serve as a backdrop for the products, which are in most of your candles and colorful ornaments. The gray enhances the colors at the same time that it creates a more sober setting. (See also: “effect of Gray in the environment”)

Renewed Store with Lighting and Painting 1

Some minor details were also changed, as the position of the panels from the center of the store closer to the wall, releasing the sight of who is in the middle of the store, and the addition of niches suspended in the Windows, taking advantage of better space.

This renewal shows that you don’t always have to do big revolutions in decoration or in the layout of the environments to make them more efficient, but observe the most relevant and strategic points that need simple changes but well.