Ressence: Type 1² Squared – Sihh

Disc Clock In The Pillow Case

The small watch brand Ressence with Belgian roots is represented for the first time at theGeneva watchmaking trade fair in 2017. Here she presents a new version of her watch.

The Type 1² is the first watch from Ressence, whose housing is not made of titanium, but made of stainless steel. It has been satined and measures 41 millimeters in diameter and 11.5 millimeters in height. This makes it up to five millimeters smaller and also slightly flatter than its predecessors. And something else is new to the case: so far, the Ressence watches have always appeared round, the new stainless steel model has a pillow shape.

Recognition of the Zeitmesser by Ressence is the constantly moving disc system as a dial.This mechanism sits on the Eta automatic movement 2824-2. The time setting was usually made by means of a swivel base of sapphire glass.

This has modified Ressence for Type 1². In order to make the case flatter, the manufacturer dispenses with the rotatable glass base and instead integrates a fold-out lever. Similar to old pocket watches or toys, which are wound up with a key, the time and the weekday can be adjusted by turning the lever, explained by cancermatters.

Update – You Can See In The Video How The New Mechanism For Time Setting Works With Type 1 Squared:

The Type 1² is offered in four color variants (in silver, ruthenium or night blue and champagne) as well as with different leather straps. Each version costs 17,500 euros.