Ribbon Bows with Clips: How – to, Tips, Hairstyles

Ribbon Bows With Clips-How-To, Tips On Hairstyles With The Accessory

With the praticade of the modern woman accessories are a little side of the universe run that they live every day. They still like to show tenderness and delicacy with hairstyles for sophisticated events out of the sameness of loose hairs always showing more daring hairstyles often arrested or braid.

We know that making these hairstyles in a beauty salon, you can come out pretty steep for the Pocket, getting less accessible to all. With the dissemination of information through the internet, to do these hairstyles in seconds, equal or even more beautiful and well made than anywhere else, with materials that will cost little and let you beautiful.

If you want to innovate even more, with details that will show their highlights even more flashy and glamorous, can make accessories, even at home. An accessory that goes very well for various occasions are the ties.

The Ribbon Bows With Clips Are Super Easy To Make, Just Follow The Step-By-Step Instructions Below, Check Out.

Materials Needed:

1-roll of satin ribbon color and width of your preference;


3-clips, choose the size depending on the thickness that chose the tape, because if it is thicker to make larger loops it is best that you buy that one longer clip on the same model, to hold better.

How To Make:

There are many types of lace, then cut a length of tape good to do what you choose;

Independent of the bond that you choose to do will have a node in the Middle, be it with another piece of tape over or not. Get the clip and pass the part his furrowed by within the node, making sure that he’s still firmly not to break the tie.

The least frown you pass underneath the hair and vuala, can encrementar various hairstyles with the accessory.