Sarah Jessica Parker Launches Collection of Shoes at Nordstrom!

Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion icon, that nobody can deny. No matter, she will always be our Carrie Bradshaw -why else would she do other movies or serials, the soul will always be this character so awesome of Sex and The City. I say this because even when launching your shoe collection at Nordstrom in Los Angeles, named with the initials of your name, the SJP Collection has more of Carrie Bradshaw than Sarah Jessica Parker.

The idea of the shoe collection was the most new yorker possible, with neutral colours and some complementary colors, always valuing very style and comfort on all models! For the launch of the line, Sarah Jessica Parker, bet on your fine turquoise nozzle pumps named “The Lady” as a point of color in the dress look with black & white Dolce & Gabbana. What I really enjoyed was the haircut–hair stuck “Princess type” à la Carrie even wavy, worth copy already in the days of bad hair day!

And as I didn’t get to comment on the collection of shoes from Sarah Jessica Parker here on the blog, I saw a very good at The with photos of the line of shoes in which to close a bit as was the design. She sought an impeccable finish and quality in the raw material, SJP drew the models according to personal taste and a good pinch of everything learned in Sex and the City! One more beautiful than the other and with most affordable prices that most brands of luxury footwear, a pair of shoes SJP is in the range of U $350. Worth by affective value huh?!

Like Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes?

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