Shabby Chic Table Lamps

Wood, delicate shades and lace make Shabby Chic table lamps. Elegant furnishings that create a romantic atmosphere inside the rooms of the House. Get inspired by Dalani and follow our tips to make your home even more beautiful. Register for free: every day online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Shabby Chic table lamps: refined romance

Shabby Chic style and “Shabby chic” is undoubtedly very much in vogue in recent years. Items purchased in vintage markets are mixed perfectly with floral detail back. Lace, lace and delicate nuance distinguish the furnishings creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere in the various rooms of the House. To give the House an allureof the past Shabby Chic table lamps are the right accessories. Placed on the bedside tables allow you to quietly read a book before bed and create a welcoming environment. The lamps for the bedroom, besides being functional furnishing accessories that add style to the bedroom. Otherwise, the Shabby Chic table lamps placed on the coffee table in the living room, along with a white vase with camellias, will give elegance to the room. A Lampshade can be placed on a wooden Dresser white limewashed at the entrance of the House, welcomes guests with style and sophistication.

Shabby Chic table lamps: specifications and colors

What sets the Shabby Chic table lamps are natural fabrics shades supported by noble wood. Usually the structure, characterized by sinuous and soft, delicate as tone is pickled Birch white and ivory. Even the hat played on muted shades, but is enhanced by decorative elements such as lace and bows. Cotton, solid or Shabby Chic table lamps adorned with pastel floral designs are ideal for suave atmosphere contributeto the environment. Aquamarine, Pearl Pink or lavender: three colors that distinguish these ornaments lampshades. For the most romantic and dreamy Shabby Chic table lamps with frame and redecorate the room thanks to a distant memory. The photos of your loved one, babies or the holidays keep you always and will brighten your days of happiness.

Select your Shabby Chic table lamps that you like and decorate the various rooms of your home with elegance. Love your home!

Shabby Chic table lamps, home elegance

The living room is the most beloved of your home because it is here that you can relax or have a chat with friends after a hard day’s work. It is therefore necessary that each individual accessory may be able to make daily tasks much easier. In addition to tables, sofas and leather pouf you must then check that the lighting could be absolutely perfect. Shabby Chic table lamps, depending on the various models available, are the perfect accessory to give a chic and refined. Thanks to, the Shabby Chic table lamps for your home becomes a magical place to live every day with the person you love.

Shabby Chic table lamps, the art of DIY

Do you have an old lamp that would renew and make attractive again? In the case of a wood’s lamp, the first thing to do is to use some objects needed for the DIY:

  • sandpaper: use different models available although it is best to employ those whose surface is not too aggressive for the table;
  • Paint: better to choose those that are not harmful and most liquid so that it can be stretched out more easily. In case you want a shade firmer then can proceed a second time;
  • spray fixative: indispensable because it allows you to protect your furnishings from shocks that could damage it. Also the color appears more brilliant and as just past;

At this point you have to do is use the sandpaper to remove the top layer. After you spread the paint color you prefer not to have to do is let it dry thoroughly. You can also protect your piece of furniture thanks to spray fixative.