Sharp device: The New Ipad In The Laboratory Test

Retina display: Sharp and hard

The new apple tablet is not ipad 3, but only ipad and has been available since march 16 in black and white in the trade. The most obvious change is the high-resolution retina display. Other tablets offer resolutions up to 1280 x 800 or rare 1920 x 1200. With the new ipad apple represents not only the ipad 2 (1024 x 768) in the shade. It has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, instead of formerly 0.8 are more than a full HD TV now 3.2 million pixels. In the test of the ipad 2 criticized COMPUTER screen scratched screen. Now, apple returned to old strength: More protection and the new retina display is in this discipline with the first ipad equivalent.

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Ipad: The A5X processor 

An A5X chip is used in the new ipad. This is an improved version of the ipad 2 installed chips with two cores. According to apple, the A5X will be four times faster than a tegra 3 chip. Although the new ipad need to get four times as much data on the screen, the graphics speed is suitable for game. The quad-core graphics processor (quad-core) overtook it in the benchmark test ipad 2 significantly. Also HD videos in 1080 p were liquid.

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Unpacked and tried: New ipad

36 photos the new ipad vs. Ipad2: Display duel

Enhanced camera 

The a-mega pixel camera in the ipad 2 was hard to use for photos. The camera in the new ipad exploited as iphone 4 according to properly see the photos same five-megapixel photo sensor, however, which is filming videos ipad finally in full HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

Dictation with speech recognition

Another new feature is the button with the microphone icon on the ipad. The dictation can with him enable, which supports english, german, french and japanese. The ipad automatically converts dictate emails or any other text in text if there is an internet connection. That worked quite well in the test. Siri voice isn’t the iphone 4S on board.

The new apple ipad

20 photos devices details on the apple tablet UMTS and (in germany without) LTE
the wi-fi version of the ipad + 4 G comes with the new UMTS technology HSPA +. Which is designed to provide a data rate up to 42 mbps instead of 7.2 mbps when the ipad 2. But the most tariffs stifle the pace at 7.2 mbps. In practice, that made ipad at least 20 mbps, a decent value. At the wi-fi + also, the fast UMTS successor technology LTE 4 G is on board. LTE will be massively expanded in germany and to provide all major cities until the end of the year. But unfortunately will spark the LTE technology of ipad on 700 mhz and is in this country therefore unusable. In germany, LTE operates 800 and 2,600 mhz (at the telekom with 1,800 mhz) with frequencies.

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Significantly shorter battery life 

New ipad is 0.6 millimeters thick and noticeably heavier than its predecessor, offers for around 70 per cent more capacity than its predecessor (42.5 instead of 25 watt hours), but video watching it after nearly ten hours made flabby well two hours earlier than the ipad 2. In the application mix for normal use the battery faster empty about 90 minutes, was in standby mode even 100 hours earlier. Only while surfing via WLAN, the battery runtime remained similar for over seven hours. Reason: The fast graphics processor and the fleet UMTS radio module need more electricity. Charging takes about nine hours meter (nearly six when the ipad 2). To charge the ipad off, the battery is fully three hours earlier.

Ipad is hot nothing but makes

On the long side heats up ipad with heavy use of UMTS or graphics-heavy apps. And after two hours of video playback, the test laboratory measured a rise in temperature of 10 degrees. Although some users that may irritate, but this warming not causes problems.

New apps for the third generation of the ipad

7 apps imovie, iphoto & co. See ipad: Dimensions and prices

The fresh apple tablet (wi-fi model) is 9.4 mm thin and weighs 652 g (LTE model: 662 grams), is slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor (8.8 mm and 601 grams). The cheapest option without UMTS costs 479 euros in germany and has 16 gigabytes (GB) of memory. The 32 GB ipad is there for 579 euros, the 64 GB version for 679 euro. With UMTS, the tablets are slightly more expensive: 599 euros, 699 euros and 799 euros for 16, 32, 64 gigabyte.

The TV becomes the external monitor

With the right accessories, a flat screen television with HDMI socket as an external monitor to the ipad can dock and large and in full HD resolution show full HD videos, games or any any app. The TV connection works either via cable (apple digital AV adapter, 39 euros) or via wi-fi (apple TV, 109 euros, not to be confused with itv).

Table: Ipad, ipad 2, and the new ipad compared

Conclusion: Apple ipad (3rd generation)
mohammad colors, sharp text inspires the new display with four pixel density. The difference is similar to big as change from the iphone 3GS the apple iphone 4 provides the currently most impressive display of tablet on the market and also the camera shoots finally usable photos. The new ipad will respond the mopping, games and surfing as much liquid as its predecessor. Thickness and weight of the offspring has risen a bit, otherwise the newly unveiled tablet and ipad 2 optically by twins. A pity that rapid mobile communications technology LTE in germany does not work.

Test conclusion: What you should know

The third generation standards not only in design but also in the performance: Web pages, ebooks and documents are excellent to read thanks to the high resolution (2048 x 1536 pixels). Photos, videos, and games appear in brilliant colors. And image content is easily visible even in direct sunlight. Ipad 3 lies comfortably in the hand, is 2 but slightly thicker and about 10 percent heavier than the ipad. In the long term that is clearly: Especially for longer games of skill which can be controlled only by a motion sensor. The a-mega pixel camera in the ipad 2 was hard to use for photos. The camera in the new model, however, has a five-megapixel photo sensor. The ipad now filming videos in full HD resolution (1080 p). Best price on the internet: 319,99 euro * per order this product on amazon very high resolution liquid operating five-megapixel camera of scratch-resistant display long battery life contra useless LTE wireless test note of the editorial 2.25 good users rating (of 4 reviews)

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