Style Study – Harringtonjackan

So here in early summer may not feel a jacket that the first thing you want to think about. The range of stylish, lightweight and thin jackets for the warmer part of the year are also not as large as for the fall, winter and early spring for obvious reasons. Today we thought, therefore, present a great and stylish options in the form of Harringtonjackan. It is a classic and timeless model that was an obvious choice for several large style icons.

Okay, as usual, I thought to myself on a historical flashback.

Who really invented or created the waist short, relatively narrow jacket with cuffs is unclear. Most people associate it with British Baracuta. It was the family Miller in Manchester who owned this firm and 1937 designed the jacket that they came to call the G9 and who later received the name Harrington, which we know it as today. The family owned a factory and made outerwear for others felt marks and therefore had extensive knowledge of durable materials. The jacket they created turned out initially become wildly popular among golfers with its appearance and properties. It is precisely this that makes another British firm Grenfell says that was only then they already around 1931-1932 at some point would have created waist short golf jackets of this type. However, it is uncertain how it is and most people see enough Baracuta as some kind of original. G: et titles in G9 would therefore stand for golf and in Japan, this model often under the name swing jacket.

The original under many from Baracuta G9 in the form of the model.

Baracuta was early with exporting the jackets to the United States and back in the 50 ‘s was the most common malware, particularly on students at elite universities. For obvious reasons, therefore, the G9 jacket played an important role in Preppy/IVY/Trad style.

The name Harrington jacket came to get much later. This was done in 1960 ‘s in England. Actor Ryan O ‘ Neill plays the character Rodney Harrington in the popular tv series Peyton Place, and then bar Baracutas G9 jacket. After that it got the nickname Harrington, and is best known as that than today.

It is precisely its role in popular culture that made it so great today. Initalt it was a golf jacket for especially the upper class. From the end of the 50 ‘s onwards when celebrities began to appear in the on TV had a broad impact. The starting shot may have been 1954 when Elvis Presley wore G9 jacket in the film King Creole. After this synthesis it on several of the stars, including Frank Sinatra. Another person who meant the most to jacket popularity is Steve McQueen. He seemed happy in the private and wore it even in the legendary, and arguably one of the most beautiful films ever, The Thomas Crown Affair.

Steve McQueen in dark blue Baracuta G9 and classic Persol during the filming of the Thomas Crown Affair. He wore a beige version of the model private (top picture).

After this more popular breakthrough starts to things. The jacket becomes immensely popular during the second half of the 60-talaet and early 70-ies in the British mods. In many ways, this style-conscious subculture first to embrace the jacket. Shortly into this became as popular in the early Ska and Punk subcultures. Just link to the music since then has always been palpable and 1981, you could see all The Clash of Harringtonjackor on their famous Times Square concert.

It was transferred to the followers of both brit-pop and Northern Soul. Just the British link up with music and subcultures, many football supporters also have come to favor the jacket.

As with many classic garments and products so have Harringtonjackan with fashion cycles and capriciousness came to be sometimes very trendy and sometimes not. The followers will nevertheless always wearing it and select one from one of the original British manufacturers such as Baracuta, Ben Sherman, Grenfell, Fred Perry, etc. The seasons as they are ‘ in ‘ so you can see them in the new design of low-cost vintages from brands to the most exclusive fashion houses.

Daniel Craig in a Harringtonjacka from Tom Ford in the Bond movie Quantum of Solace.

It’s like I usually say; If you are investing in a classic style and timeless garments you are ‘ in ‘ and trendy in people’s eyes about once every 5-8 years. It’s always something, not that I think the Harringtonjackans supporters don’t care.