Swimsuit Size

Whichever swimsuit style you choose, the size must be perfectly matched. Discover our tips for choosing your swimsuit size.

Which size of swimsuit to choose?

As for clothing, the size of the swimsuit can be indicated in size 36, 38, 40 and so on, or in S, M, L. Some brands rank their swimwear by cup size (from 85A to ‘to 100H depending on brand):more convenient to know exactly the size that suits you.

Use a matching chart or size guide, available in store or online, to choose your jersey size.For example, you will have confirmation that size 38/40 is M (this may vary depending on the marks).Or, you will know what size to choose according to your measurements.You are usually asked to measure your chest, waist circumference and hip circumference.

A jersey to the right size according to your body shape

First of all, you need a suitable swimsuit cap, which covers your chest well and supports it:

  • If you have a small chest, select a A swimsuit .Do not take a jersey too big because you can see everything if you lean!To give the illusion of a generous breast, opt for a padded jersey .
  • With a strong chest, choose a great swimsuit hat .No need to choose a swimsuit too tight or triangles too small, because your chest would not be well covered or maintained.

Also choose a swimsuit or shorty to your waist. A slip too small could make traces on your buttocks, or bring out the beads.It will not show you off.Also avoid choosing a slip that is too big or does not hold well.If you are “between two sizes”, it is better to choose the smaller one because the bathing pants tend to relax over the uses.

The ideal is to opt for a separable jersey so that you can independently select the top and bottom of your swimsuit. According  to Bombebikini, want a one piece swimsuit?Trust the size of the hat to choose it.

Whatever your body shape, you will find a swimsuit at your waist.Some brands are specialized in swimwear large sizes, others also make pregnancy swimsuits, and so on.This leaves you a lot of possibilities to choose your swimsuit!