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Be Pretty: Five Essential of The Week

Again Friday, my favorite day of the week and with a section that I love to write, because I tell you what my discoveries of the week. Today I bring you the image of the fashion event that everyone talks about, in addition to a mask of tabs that has conquered me completely. Finally the trend that love or odiarás but that does not stop seeing this spring. I hope you like them!. Continue reading Be Pretty: Five Essential of The Week

Do Not Forget to Add the Ninth Digit on Your Facebook Profile

Some applications for Android and iOS make automatic modification in the number of mobile São Paulo, in order to add the digit 9 in front of the old number. However, it was missing recommend to our readers with mobile DDD 11 to update their profiles on Facebook to reflect the change determined by Anatel. It is that several Android ROMs use the Facebook contacts as source address book – including phone numbers.

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In Addition to “Like”: Facebook Creates Button to Express Other Emotions

The Facebook announced on Thursday (8) began testing a new button to express emotions. He takes the place of “like” and allows the user to show when liked, got nervous or even “do not likes” a publication of the social network – a function rather requested by users, which meets than Mark Zuckerberg revealed three weeks.

The button for “not like” a publication should be used to express sympathy and solidarity sad and disturbing messages, those that click on the “like” would not be very appropriate – as in the case of death of a relative of his friend on Facebook, for example.

According to Zuckerberg, the reactions may be expressed to hold or move the mouse over the button to enjoy. There are seven emotions: besides the traditional “enjoyed”, has “loved”, “haha”, “yay”, “wow”, “sad” and “nervous”. This video of the Facebook demonstrates the operation of the new button:

Before being released to everyone, the new button will be tested with a group of Facebook users in Ireland and Spain.


Over 26 Million Colored Photos on Facebook in Support of the Gay Community

The photos of your friends on Facebook were probably painted with the rainbow colors on the last weekend. The campaign really was successful: according to the social network, more than 26 million users have shown support for the LGBT community since the filter was released on Friday (26), when the Supreme Court of the United States legalized marriage between same sex throughout the country.

According to Facebook, the more than 26 million color photos worldwide generated a total of 565 million interactions, which includes comments and tanned. Several personalities have shown support, including President Dilma Rousseff. In Brazil, the resolution of the Council National of Justice, the notary can not refuse to perform marriages between same sex since May 2013.

What not everybody knows is that the rainbow filter was developed without great pretensions by two trainees participating in a Facebook internal competition for developers last week, before the decision of the US courts.

“The tool was so popular internally that there was an interest in releasing it to the public. The team worked for a few days to launch the experiment before the Global Weekend Pride (Pride weekend) and the Supreme Court of the United States decision, “said Facebook.


Facebook Implements Improvements in Groups and Events

This week Facebook took the opportunity to show that its developers are not for nothing. Two of the major features of the social network gained considerable improvements: the groups and events. While the former received a change of very interesting feature for those who are curious, the second has been completely redone and is incredibly more useful. Continue reading Facebook Implements Improvements in Groups and Events