That’s What Your Shoes Say about You

Whether it’s comfortable, super-sexy, or easy to match:every woman has at least one pair of favorite shoes. Our footwear says more about our character than you might think. Here you can find out what your favorite shoes say about you.

Do you like to wear sneakers? Or are you rather the stylish high-heeled wearer? Find out what your shoes say about you:


If you have chosen flip-flops as your favorite shoes, you are an absolute sun.You may also like it, but still stylish.Because flip-flops fit side by side – for you uncomfortable – high-heels wonderful to your new summer dress.

High heels:

They attach great importance to how you are seen by other people. They like to wear sexy and underline the sexy paragraphs, which make your legs appear endless. Courage and self-esteem are a must for high-heels.


You’ll love the casual look and you’ll be more comfortable with style.They are a loose, open guy, who likes to move from A to B without having to worry about his feet.


Quick in, fast out and no wearing socks is exactly your thing. They love the blend of convenience and sexyness. Ballerinas underline your femininity without applying and hinder you while walking. Women who wear ballerinas are often pragmatic, because these shoes fit almost every outfit.

Plastered or neglected?

In addition, one can say something about the character of the wearer when looking at the condition of the particular shoe.

Penitent clean shoes point to a personality that is important to what others think of her.In addition, flashy shoes should point out that the wearer tends to bond anxiety, according to a study by

Dirty and unkempt shoes, on the other hand, suggest a liberal man, according to the study.