The Best in Swimwear Design

Trend # 1: Swim with a shoulder. Like dresses with one shoulder, which are becoming more popular bikinis with a shoulder strap are among the hottest trends for the new season.

The designers present great models in different styles, such as sexy bikini with thick shoulder strap, cross diagonally. Sport or elegant swimsuit with shoulder strap on one shoulder. The good news is that such models are present both in exclusive collections of top designers and the latest collections of brands with more affordable prices.

Trend # 2: Swim without strapless bikinis with tops strapless. Type rights tape or stranded in the middle as tape, stand great on women with small breasts. If your breasts are, however, bigger, better not risk it. Swimming strapless are not new to this even in the new season designers give many fresh ideas. In the new collections there are great models in retro style with deep bottoms and flat woven tops, sexy bikini with bright prints, elegant swimwear striped with beautifully twisted sweatshirts, interesting sports models pattern resembling jeans and etc.

Trend # 3: Revealing bathing (Monokini). This hot fashion trend is very suitable for ultra modern ladies who want to be noticed on the beach. If you have a nice body and are brave enough to show it, do not hesitate to choose attractive topless will surely turn after you. The collections for summer has models with very interesting designs like these. Cut swimsuit with floral prints; stylish topless in black with contrasting geometric shapes at the top. Interesting cut swimsuit in ethnic style with a fringe; topless – imitation python pink-purple.

Trend # 4: Swim with ruffles. Another hot trend of fashion in clothes for the new season. Swimsuit with ruffles and flounces look playfully girlish and very sweet, but not suitable for everyone. Stay away from models with curls on pants, especially if you have a problem hip. On the other hand curls jacket give more volume, so you can select a similar model, if you want to visually enlarge the breasts and of course like bathing in such style.

Trend # 5: Retro swimwear retro is back in vogue. This is good for all ladies who want hem to little more than your body, yet be modern and sexy. While men find swimsuits with deep bottoms for very appealing, there is nothing to worry about, right) aside joke swimsuits in retro style really are very practical, very elegant and mysterious feminine with its light conservatism. And in the latest collections of leading brands have great models: whole swimsuit and bikini in retro style. These are the hottest trends in swimwear for the new season. Choose the model that most suits you.

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